Description And Comments

Barney, Baby Bop and BJ sing and dance their way through 15 minutes of toddler classics, including Barney's theme song, "If You're Happy and You Know It," "If All The Raindrops," and "I Love You, You Love Me," the toddler set's "Freebird." The three characters are supplemented with props during some of the songs, including cartoon cows, pigs, ducks and skunks.

The show is held indoors on a raised, Y-shaped stage placed in the middle of the theater. This clever arrangement allows most of the audience to be seated within a few rows of Barney no matter when they arrive, and affords a good view for anyone in the theater.

To accommodate the attention spans of small children, one song follows another almost immediately during the show — we counted no more than 20 to 30 seconds of talk between numbers. As far as fright potential goes, there's one brief segment where most of the theater goes almost completely dark (to introduce a song about imagination), and there are a couple of seconds of thunder and lightning at the beginning of "If All The Raindrops." We didn't see any child or parent concerned about any of these, and most kids should be absolutely fine.

After the show, Barney exits momentarily to allow parents and children to gather along the stage. He then returns and moves from child to child, hugging each and posing for photos.

Touring Tips

If you child likes Barney, this show is a must. It's happy and upbeat, and the character greeting that follows is the best organized we've seen in any theme park. There's no line and no fighting for Barney's attention. Just relax by the rail and await your hug. There's also a great indoor play area nearby, designed especially for wee tykes.

Special Comments

In the weeks around Christmas (dates vary year-to-year), this show becomes "A Barney Holiday."

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