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Animal Actors is live show featuring performing dogs, birds, monkeys and a menagerie of other animals in a covered outdoor stadium. A human trainer acts as the show's host, explaining how the animals are conditioned to perform the tricks and occasionally some actual teaching to performers who have not yet quite mastered their craft.

The show usually makes use of audience volunteers (mostly children) in a couple of segments. Sit in the center of the stadium about halfway up for the best chance to be selected.

If you've seen Flights of Wonder at Disney's Animal Kingdom, you'll recognize many of the bird routines in Animal Actors. What sets Animal Actors apart is the use of other kinds of animals, and the opportunity to see the animals being trained on stage. New pet owners (and parents) will note the animals are trained using only positive reinforcement — that is, rewarding the animal when they perform the correct behavior — and no negative reinforcement (punishing for incorrect behavior).

Touring Tips

Check the daily entertainment schedule for show times. You should be able to get into the next performance without much wait. The stadium is covered but not enclosed, meaning it'll still be hot during summer and cold during winter.

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