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An entertaining introduction into movie-making special effects, Disaster! also serves as a parody of low-budget action flicks, bad acting and Hollywood egos. In the first part of the attraction, guests volunteer to playing extras in the filming of hack director Frank Kincaid's (Christopher Walken) latest movie, Mutha Nature. Each volunteer is placed in front of a "green screen" and given some unremarkable task to perform, possibly while being pelted with foam debris from whatever disaster will later be overlaid onto the film. The humor comes from the volunteer's slightly delayed reaction to whatever's going on around them, the emcee's running commentary of their acting ability, and Walken's deadpan delivery of his director's lines.

The second half of the attraction has the entire audience board a city subway to shoot the final scene, which has the train subjected to earthquakes, fire, floods, darkness and Paris Hilton's singing (those were part of the seven plagues of Egypt, right?). When it's all over, the audience gets to see the finished "film" which pieces together the green screen performances from earlier with the subway ride.

Touring Tips

Not usually crowded, we recommend seeing Disaster! in the afternoon, after the park's major attractions.

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May frighten young children.

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