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7 Things We Love About “Celebrate HERStory” at Disney Springs

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We’re halfway through Women’s History Month, already! That means there’s only about two weeks left to check out “Celebrate HERStory” at Disney Springs. This collection of offerings includes specialty treats, live entertainment, and art to celebrate Women’s History Month. Our all female research team loved checking out these offerings and enjoyed the celebration.

Here are 7 things we love about “Celebrate HERStory” at Disney Springs:

  1. Chef Yoly’s Flancocho at Amorette’s Patisserie
  2. Chef Amanda’s Toque Bonbons at The Ganachery
  3. Live music from female performers every Wednesday at AdventHealth Waterside Stage
  4. Art by female artists and in tribute to female filmmakers at Wonderground Gallery and Art of Disney
  5. Captain Marvel Chocolate Piñata at The Ganachery
  6. Mrs. Incredible Dole Whip Float at Marketplace Snacks
  7. Banners and other HERStory décor

Chef Yolanda Lazo Colon from Amorette’s Patisserie whipped up Chef Yoly’s Flancocho, a mix of chocolate cake and flan. The details on this dessert are stunning. There’s delicate edible flowers, a slice of dried strawberry, and lovely little meringue drops. This is our team’s favorite dessert of the whole celebration.

Chef Yoly’s Flancocho at Amorette’s Patisserie
Chef Yoly’s Flancocho at Amorette’s Patisserie – Display

Another special treat being offered this month are the Chef Toque Bonbons. These precious toque hat shaped bonbons are made with 65% dark chocolate and cherry gel and pistachio ganache. At $3.00 a piece they are an indulgent treat and one the best chocolates offered at The Ganachery.

Chef Amanda Toque Bonbons at The Ganachery
Chef Amanda Toque Bonbons at The Ganachery

Every Wednesday at AdventHealth Waterside Stage, guests can enjoy live music from female performers. There’s always great live entertainment at Disney Springs, even when things were cut back. It is nice to see a spotlight placed on female performers this month.

The Captain Marvel Chocolate Piñata is special not only because of the empowering character it represents, but because it filled with pecan toffee pieces. Most chocolate piñatas from The Ganachery are filled with marshmallow pieces. But these pecan toffee pieces are more flavorful and more indulgent.

Captain Marvel Chocolate Piñata Presentation
Captain Marvel Chocolate Piñata – Inside

Disney Springs has two great Disney art galleries, both in the Marketplace. This month The Art of Disney and WonderGround Gallery each have a focus on female filmmakers, artists, and directors who work or have worked at the Walt Disney Animation Studios including Mary Blair, Ruthie Tompson, Retta Scott (Worcester), Jennifer Lee, Josie Trinidad, and more.

Celebrate HERStory Artists – The Art of Disney
Celebrate HERStory Tribute Barbara Wirth Baldwin – The Art of Disney

I love this empowering quote from Barbara Wirth Baldwin: “Stick up for your rights…(laugh). I mean, fight. Don’t feel inferior. Demand to learn. Go to school. Learn animation.” I also find it telling that Barbara’s title with the Walt Disney Animation Studio is unknown.

Celebrate HERStory Tribute Griselda – The Art of Disney
Celebrate HERStory Tribute Mary Blair – Wonderground Gallery
Celebrate HERStory Tribute Retta Scott – The Art of Disney
Celebrate HERStory Tribute Retta Scott – Wonderground Gallery
Celebrate HERStory Tribute Ruthie Thompson – Wonderground Gallery

The Mrs. Incredible Dole Whip Float is Strawberry and Lemon Dole Whip topped with an Incredibles mask in a float of Black Cherry Lemonade. The strawberry and lemon Dole Whip swirl make the perfect red and yellow combo to represent the Incredibles. This refreshing float is available at Marketplace Snacks.

Mrs. Incredible Float at Marketplace Snacks
Mrs. Incredible Float at Marketplace Snacks – Souvenir Straw

Finally, the Celebrate HERStory banners are a nice touch. Some folks online have pointed out the some of the silhouettes of some of the characters may not exactly illustrate the importance of women’s history. Either way, this celebration at Disney Springs is welcomed by our team.

Celebrate HERStory Banners
Celebrate HERStory Banners

Have you visited Disney Springs during any of their celebrations? What do you think?

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