A Look Back at the EPCOT ’94 Guidemap

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Like many people, being at home has provided an opportunity to go through boxes that have been hidden away for a long time. In this case, along with assorted papers from high school, I came across this “EPCOT ’94” Guidemap and figured I’d share pictures of its contents.

Although hard to see on the front, it says “Explore an ever-changing mix of technology and culture” and has such huge EPCOT attractions as Body Wars, The Living Seas, Splashtacular, and Barbie. Yep, welcome to 1990s EPCOT!

Among interesting notes, “Food and drink may not be brought into Epcot ’94.” There’s also information about visiting Earth Station (located at the base of Spaceship Earth) for things like dining reservations and hotel reservations. Smoking is permitted in outdoor restaurants (but not in buildings and attraction waiting areas). And yes, not to be missed includes IllumiNations, Disney Character Appearances, and, of course, Splashtacular (with TerrosaurX) and The Magical World of Barbie.

Shopping is a major push for Epcot ’94. Many of the stores are similar to the stores of today, although some of the names have changed (Like the Yong Feng Shangdian in China).

Ah, yes–remember when having the wrong speed of film in your camera meant frustration trying to get certain types of photos? Those were the days.

And yes, there was more to do around Walt Disney World, like the other two theme parks: Magic Kingdom (with SpectroMagic and Fantasy in the Sky) and Disney-MGM Studios with Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular (because I guess it wasn’t Epic yet) and “the ultimate Star Wars thrill ride”. (Did they have to pay a licensing fee for saying Star Tours?) There were also diversions like Typhoon Lagoon (and swimming with sharks), River Country, Discovery Island, and Pleasure Island.

Hotel rooms started at $89/night, which may seem a little high, but there were no value resorts yet. In the category of how things have changed, in the Disney Village Resort Area, you had Port Orleans, Dixie Landings (now Port Orleans Riverside), and Disney Vacation Club (what would eventually be renamed Old Key West). There are notes that All-Star Sports would be opening in the summer of 1994, and All-Star Music would be opening in the winter of 1994. (The trip where I got this map was likely around June 1994, when I was home from college.)

And now the creme de la creme — the map itself. It was very….quaint.

And here’s close-ups of the text so you can enjoy the EPCOT of that day.

And, finally, the map had an ad for Kodak film and a bit about the EPCOT logo.

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Julia Mascardo

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4 thoughts on “A Look Back at the EPCOT ’94 Guidemap

  • April 28, 2020 at 1:15 pm

    This is excellent thank you Julia!

    Would you happen to know of any website’s that have historic guide maps like these?

    Thank you

  • April 28, 2020 at 3:43 pm

    Thank you, Julia, that was fun to see! FYI: Dixie Landings is now Port Orleans Riverside – not Saratonga Springs. We stayed there the summer of 1992, and seing the Epcot map of ’94 brought back a lot of memories from that trip! I bought my first Unofficial Guide for that trip and have been a fan ever since. My Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2020 is ready to help us through our first ever Disneyland trip this Christmas… if we Europeans are allowed into the parks by then…

  • April 28, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    Mea culpa–fixed! I think too much Splashtacular Barbie celebrating had damaged my brain cells. 🙂

    I’m hoping that you’ll be able to visit Disneyland this year! I took my daughter for her first trip last summer, and she absolutely loved it.

  • April 28, 2020 at 3:50 pm

    Hi, Todd,

    Unfortunately, I don’t… but it is tempting if I got stimulus money to try and gather a map from every year and start a web site with that. I think it would be so interesting to see how things have changed from year to year!

    If you find a site like that, let me know!


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