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Additions and Subtractions To 2014’s A Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland

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A Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland has seen dozens of changes in its 20-year run (yes, 20 years!), and this year is no different. The biggest change this year is the addition of Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen. The parade’s theme song, which some describe as “classic” and others describe as “incredibly annoying,” remains the same. No matter how you feel about the parade, it is still very popular, and masses of people line up for their chance to see it. A Christmas Fantasy is currently scheduled for two performances on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and one performance Monday through Thursday. Check the times guide or our Lines app for showtimes.

Before continuing with the pictures we have HD video of a full recording of this year’s parade:


IMG_2154sAnna and Elsa from Frozen have taken over Mickey and Minnie’s old ice skating float. This is the same float that appears in the strangely titled Soundsational Pre Parade during non-Christmas months.

IMG_2151sThat means Mickey and Minnie have been moved to Mrs. Claus’ old parade float. Because of this, Mrs. Claus has been removed from the parade. They also threw Duffy on top of this float. This is now the only way to see Duffy in Disneyland Resort; earlier this year his meet and greet was permanently removed from Disney California Adventure.

IMG_2152sThe rollerskating snow flake girls have had their snow flakes removed. I guess it’s time to think of a different name for them.

Other Pictures:

IMG_2150sThe rest of the parade remains the same, including the opening float and toy soldiers.

IMG_2157sClarabelle leading her gang of bakers and gingerbread men.

IMG_2159sGoofy and Pluto on the gingerbread house float.

IMG_2160sThe princess float. Have you ever noticed that Snow White always has to walk in Disney parades? Off the top of my head I can think of four parades where she walks while other princesses stand on a float: A Christmas Fantasy, Main Street Electrical Parade, Happiness is Here, and Festival of Fantasy. Are there any others?

IMG_2161sSanta’s reindeer.

IMG_2162sSanta Claus’ float. Did you know that if you watch the parade after Christmas you will see Santa out of his familiar red and white suit? He will instead be relaxing in a pajama robe.

IMG_2163sAnd finally, Santa’s helpers.

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2 thoughts on “Additions and Subtractions To 2014’s A Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland

  • Maybe they make Snow White walk because her dress is easier to walk in than the others. It would be hard for Cinderella or Belle to walk in a parade with their big hoop skirts.

  • Snow White walks in the Boo-to-You Halloween parade, too.


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