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Babymoon at Disney World: Review From a Mom-To-Be

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Disney World is a popular destination for parents of young children … but why wait?  If you’re expecting, Disney World can be a great place for a last little getaway before life as you know it changes completely. A pregnant member of the TouringPlans extended family recently took a Babymoon to the parks and shared her experience with us.

I’ve (mostly) preserved Allison’s words below, with a little editing and reformatting for clarity.

Before the Trip

Speak With Your Doctor

We talked about travel arrangements, especially the flight to Disney. In my case it was a short flight so there was no need for compression socks, nor was I told to move often.

Safari seats aren’t padded and the ride can be bouncy – consult your doctor.

We went over some of the rides I knew I was able to ride. Kilimanjaro Safari was on Disney’s list as a ‘not to ride’ however, my doctor approved me being on it. He suggested the jerkiness of that should be looked at similarly to deciding when not to fly for pregnancy.

The biggest reminder he had for me was to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!!! And of course, rest when needed, and avoid over-exerting myself.

(Editor’s note: Depending on your particular travel arrangements, stage of pregnancy, and general health, you might receive different recommendations.  Please consult your own doctor for advice that is right for you.)


Leave room in the suitcase for all the cute baby things you could be bringing home with you!!!

Allison’s not kidding – a quick look in our media archive turned up dozens of baby onesies, and that’s just one of many baby-associated search terms I could have tried.  There is no shortage of baby gear at the World.

Try on your clothes before leaving. Be aware that you might have a bit of extra swelling due to the heat. Account for it by bringing something a little bigger to make sure you can be comfortable.

Pack shoes for SUPPORT. Pregnancy makes you want to look cute all the time, but respect all the walking you will be doing and pack some sneakers.

Overall Experience

Dealing With the Heat

Stay hydrated, that Florida heat is NO joke. I kept an insulated water bottle with me to refill that would keep the water cold. A cooling cloth and/or fan can also help to stay cool.

Drinking a lot to stay hydrated + pregnancy = … bathroom breaks! Bathrooms are always so close, which was good because I seemed to need the bathroom every time I stood up or went on a ride. I took 17 bathroom trips in ONE day, just in the parks.

Rides with air conditioning are a great place to cool off.

If you are park hopping, the best part is the rest for your feet and air conditioning or the breeze on the sky liner.

The Skyliner isn’t air-conditioned like the buses, but the breeze is still very pleasant. (Photo by @bioreconstruct)

Deodorant is nice to keep around all day. Not only for smelling fresh, but it can help with chafing too! (Editor’s note: Body Glide and anti-chafing powder are also highly recommended by the Disney community to help keep chafing and heat rash under control). 

Special Notes for Pregnancy

Rides that have lap bars!!!! Be extremely cautious with the rides with lap bars. Place your hands in front of your belly when a cast member is adjusting the bar, OR let the cast member know you are pregnant and would like a little of space so that your belly isn’t bumping the bar. If it is not comfortable, tell them, and have them readjust.

The smells are extremely tempting! I don’t know how many times I smelled popcorn and had to have some. (Editor’s note: It’s well known that pregnancy and motherhood can enhance your sense of smell, but we’re not sure this popcorn phenomenon is limited to pregnant people).

Pacing Yourself

Look at what rides you can ride beforehand. Plan out your day with rest breaks, and remember that longer rides are great for getting off your feet.

Take advantage of the Baby Care Centers in each park. The day can get busy and it is definitely harder to keep up in your second trimester.

You might need to check the map to find them, but there’s a Baby Care Center in each park. These oases of air conditioning are not just for families with young kids, but are also places for expecting mothers to rest and put their feet up.

Find time to relax. The various seating areas, shaded areas, and SPAs!!! Vacation is a time to pamper yourself some too. Think about Mani-Pedis or expecting mother massages. Personally, I had the Expectant Mother massage and it was extremely relaxing.

The Expectant Mother massage is offered at both Senses Spa locations at Disney World; the Grand Floridian and Saratoga Springs

I would highly suggest this to any expecting mom, and to put it towards the end of their trip. The massage was focused on the needs of the expecting mother and her comfort, and it really helps in getting out some of the tension from all the walking in the parks. Make sure you arrive 30 minutes beforehand so you have a chance to wind down prior to being brought back for the massage.

Allison’s Park Bag
  • Snacks & Drink
    • Insulated Water Bottle
    • Mints/Gum
    • Snacks (goldfish, crackers, gummies, etc)
  • Weather-related
    • Sunscreen
    • Hydrating Spray
    • Fan
    • Cooling Rag
    • Sunglasses
  • Staying fresh
    • Deodorant
    • Hand Sanitizer
  • And of course … Minnie Ears

Park by Park Rundown

Magic Kingdom

This is the park with the most rides for expecting moms, with a plus rating for shopping too. There are a lot of boat rides that you can go on when you’re pregnant! They were relaxing and a great rest for my feet.

Beware of spinning! I was extremely nauseous during my first trimester, and even though I was just past it when I visited Dumbo and I were not friends. Dumbo, Astro Orbiter and Magic Carpets may need to be avoided if nausea is an issue in your pregnancy. Personally, I did not try the Tea Cups, but for someone who didn’t experience nausea it might be OK.

Magic Kingdom’s spinners are not even close to the speed of a Tilt-a-Whirl — but they still might be too much if nausea has been part of your pregnancy experience.

Pirates of the Caribbean was my favorite ride at this park. For one, the air conditioning! Second, this ride is on the long side and gave me time for my feet to recoup from all the walking. Last, this is also the ride that was the closest thing for me to a real rollercoaster because of the small drop.

Animal Kingdom

This is a great park for animal lovers and people who can walk a lot during their pregnancy. The Oasis Exhibits and Trails were relaxing, shaded, and a good way to see a variety of animals.

With prior approval from my doctor, I did ride the Kilimanjaro Safari. It was a terrific way to see the animals while sitting down; I even saw the lions up close for once! I did not experience any headaches, nausea, or pains. It was a little bumpy, but overall no complaints at 18 weeks.

A picture of two zebra, standing so that they appear to be a single zebra with a head at either end.
The Safari is a great way to see the animals while sitting down. (photo courtesy PHeymont/TravelGumbo.com)

The best park for food and a variety of Mocktails! If you are looking for Mocktails, it can be harder to find non-alcoholic drinks (other than soda) at the stands around the countries. You’ll need to read the menus carefully.

Another option is to walk into the bars in each country and ask the bartender: (1) can you make any of your specialty cocktails as a mocktail? Or (2) Do you have any mocktails you can suggest? Give them some guidance on the things you like: more sour, sweet, etc. Then see what the magic brings! I had some very excellent ones by just telling the bartenders what I like.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure was adorable. So cute! So fun! & great aromas! At the other end of the park, Spaceship Earth is one of those long rides that give you a chance to be with people, in the air conditioning, and off your feet. (Editor’s Note: the ride time on Spaceship Earth is 16 minutes; a full quarter-hour for your feet to recover).

Hollywood Studios

This park does not have many mocktails, nor rides that expecting mothers are able to ride. Especially in Batuu (Star Wars). However, I did get to enjoy Toy Story Mania, Muppet Vision 3D, and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Street performances and characters were also highlights in this park.

Have you been to Walt Disney World while you were expecting?  What are your favorite tips?  Let us know in the comments!


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Jennifer has a background in math and biology, so she ended up in Data Science where she gets to do both. She lives just north of Boston with her husband, kids, and assorted animal members of the family. Although it took three visits for the Disney bug to "take", she now really wishes she lived a lot closer to the Parks.

2 thoughts on “Babymoon at Disney World: Review From a Mom-To-Be

  • We took a babymoon when my wife was three months pregnant. We stayed at Boardwalk Villas, in a room overlooking the pool. And she slept something like two hours, every afternoon, while I sat there messing around on the computer or enjoying the balcony.

    So moms-to-be: plan a bunch of rest time back at your room.
    And dads-to-be: hope you like “Party In The USA” by Miley Cyrus, because thanks to the pool parties, you’re going to hear it at least twice a day for a week!

    • Hey Rick, Thanks for sharing your experience!


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