Cajun-Light Flavors at Port Orleans French Quarter

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If you’re not a fan of intense spice and spicy foods, Cajun food can sound scary. Between bold flavors and lots of spice, it may be a tough sell for fans of milder foods. But sometimes on vacation, it’s nice to do things outside of your norm. At Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory at Port Orleans French Quarter, many of the items on the menu are “Cajun-inspired”, but they are mild enough for all palates. Two of the meals that you’ll find that embrace that Cajun-inspired vibe are the Jambalaya and the Shrimp Po’ Boy.

If you want to make the Shrimp Po’ Boy a safe option for all palates, simply ask for the remoulade sauce on the side. (For those who aren’t familiar, remoulade is a spicy mayonnaise sauce — the flavors the way that Disney makes it remind me almost of a zippy tartar sauce.) Without the sauce, this becomes a sub roll with shedded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and fried shrimp. For the amount of shrimp you get, the $11 price for the sandwich and chips is very reasonable.

Another Cajun staple is Jambalaya — a mix of chicken and andouille sausage with vegetables, stewed together in a spicy sauce with rice. If you head to Louisiana, you can find some jambalaya that will make you believe in the existence of hell with the amount of spice burning up your mouth. But this is Disney — no more hell at WDW since Mr. Toad went to the great beyond. What you’ll find is a lovely blend of flavors with a hint of heat–just enough so that you’re eating jambalaya and not just a rice bowl with sausage. It also comes with a mammoth piece of cornbread, making this an incredibly filling meal for the $12 price tag.

Do you like that Disney has presented these foods in a way that is pleasing for just about everyone, or do you think Disney should turn up the heat and make these dishes full Cajun spice? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Cajun-Light Flavors at Port Orleans French Quarter

  • Do they still have fresh Cajun popcorn at Por Orleans hotel at Disney?

  • It’s almost impossible to eat healthy at WDW or Disneyland — too much fat, salt, & sugar. In everything! So srsly, why can’t they leave Cajun food alone, & serve it the way it should be cooked? WTH do ppl *think* they’re gonna get Port Orleans FRENCH QUARTER?! I don’t mean blow-your-head-off hot, but enuf zip you can tell what it’s supposed to be. I HATE the dumbing-down Disney practices on their food.
    A few yrs ago we were at Disney California Adventure, & while everyone else voted for yet another overcooked hockey puck (i.e. hamburger), I walked over to a “Mexican” cantina. I’ve had better TV dinners. In fact, the refried beans smelled worse than some dog food I’ve opened (& tasted about the same).

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