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Candy Apples: The Perfect Walt Disney World Treat

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Candy Cauldron Apples
These apples are from the Candy Cauldron at Downtown Disney, from around St. Patrick’s day.

There are tons of delectable choices of sweet treats scattered throughout Walt Disney World, but none offer quite the combo of taste and adorableness of a Mickey apple. There are an endless variety of Disney World candy apples available: from the super simple (and yet still ridiculously tasty) plain caramel apple or carnival-style candied apple to the elaborate specialty apple that has been shaped like Cinderella’s carriage.

One of the things that I love to do on every trip to Disney is check out what new options have appeared, and pick one (or two) to try. With the constantly changing choices, it’s possible try a different one on every trip to Disney World, and never try the same one twice, especially with the holiday apples.

Let’s look at some of the gorgeous options!

First of all, before we begin truly examining these apples, let’s talk about a few things: First of all, the regular old candy apple is available (priced at $5.79), but there’s nothing to truly set it apart from an apple you can get from anywhere else. Also available is a simple caramel version, either with or without peanuts — again like any other apple. The fancier apples are all priced at $9.99, whether you pick one up off the shelf or get one out of the display case. Another thing to keep in mind is that they will happily cut the apple for you. That makes it way easier to eat and share on the go. Simply ask the cast member and then watch in amazement as they do it much more easily and quickly than you could possibly manage.

One caveat to keep in mind is at the Karamel Kuche in the Epcot’s Germany Pavilion, where they have apples that are simple caramel and nuts; those apples are covered in the delectable Werther’s caramel, which elevates them far beyond the traditional apple. Even though those apples are ostensibly simple, that world-famous caramel makes them a must-try for apple enthusiasts. The Karamel Kuche apples are priced at $6.49 for a plain caramel apple, $6.99 for one with nuts, and $9.99 for all the others. (As always, don’t forget to click on the picture for a larger version).

Werther's Apple Case
While these apples may look simple, and are not as cute as a Mickey apple, that caramel makes it a must-try.

Not only are there various types of Disney World candy apples, there are different options at each treat location. One of the best locations for getting an apple is the Goofy Candy Co., since they very rarely run out (which can be a problem at the Main Street Confectionery) and tend to have much shorter lines than the shop in Magic Kingdom. Another great option is Big Top Treats, which is in in Storybook Circus at the Magic Kingdom. Big Top Treats generally doesn’t have as many options, but the lack of long lines makes it worth checking to see if there’s an option you haven’t had.

Candy Case with Apples
The treat case at Goofy Candy Co. See the super-cute new Baymax apple??

Disney candy makers are very clever, and change things up constantly. There are always new styles that are debuting, but there are some mainstays too. Something that is common is an apple in the shape of the traditional Mickey Mouse head. The Mickey ears are created by using part of a marshmallow, with other candies added.

Peanut Butter Chip Apple
Simple Mickey apple with mini peanut butter chips.

No matter how fancy the outside of the apples may be, the inside starts with the simple caramel apple, which is then dipped in either dark, milk, or white chocolate. Next, they add design elements that add shape to the apple and then they dip it again. Finally, they are coated with the external coating, whether it’s nuts, sanding sugar, cinnamon, or candies.

Cross Section Sulley Apple
This Monsters, Inc apple shows a cross section of a typical candy apple. Poor Sulley.

Whenever there is a new movie, you are almost guaranteed to get a specialty apple. The recently released live-action Cinderella inspired a carriage apple, with wheels made from round vanilla cookies, and the entire thing was coated with a shimmery dust.

Cinderella Apple 2
This gorgeous apple is shimmering… just like the REAL carriage!

In addition to getting new apples for every new movie, there’s also special editions for every holiday, adding infinite varieties to the already numerous styles of the apples.

Pumpkin Mickey Apple
Sometimes simple is the best, and this Mickey jack o’ lantern apple is simply the best.

The candy apple is a fabulous treat to try the next time you find yourself at Walt Disney World. Be sure to check out the options on display next time you are visiting Disney. Now, here’s a just a small sample of the apples you might be able to spot on your next trip:

Goofy Apple
This Goofy apple has a lot of details, including a marshmallow hat and ears made of a chocolate dipped, rainbow sour belt.
Butterfinger Apple
This simple apple is coated with butterfinger pieces, and tastes heavenly.
Sulley Apple
This Sulley apple has purple chocolate candies for spots, white chocolate eyes, and half marshmallows for ears. This was the original design, but the newer version has crazy banana horns, too.
Halloween Minnie Mouse Apple
This fun Halloween variation of the classic Minnie Mouse apple has a large white chocolate hat and bow combo.
Christmas Mickey Mouse Apple
Much like the Halloween Minnie apple, Christmas Mickey has a white chocolate holiday hat and green buttons.
Sorcer Mickey Apple
Sorcerer Mickey candy apple has the regular shape enhanced by the special hat, plus a sugar coated tie to the robe Mickey wears… such detail with only sugar!
Orange Bird Apple
Everyone’s favorite citrus representative makes for an adorable apple, with most of his details being colored sugar.
Apple Pie Apple
This deceptively simple apple is an Apple Pie apple, and it’s amazing. The entire thing is coated with cinnamon and sugar, and crumbled graham crackers.
Maleficent Apple
Maleficent’s apple features rather giant horns, which are formed from crisped rice treats and coated in chocolate.


Which of these did you find most tempting? Have you tried any of these? And any other treats you’re interested in seeing up close? Let me know!

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Katie McNair

Katie McNair was born and raised in Central Florida. She grew up visiting Disney World as often as she could manage. Her favorite park is Epcot, and her favorite attraction is Living with the Land. Katie currently teaches 7th grade language arts.

12 thoughts on “Candy Apples: The Perfect Walt Disney World Treat

  • They did not happily cut mine on Main Street in 2012. I had to ask two cast members before someone begrudgingly went and got a knife. They acted like I was really putting them out.

    • I’m sorry for that experience! I’ve never had them use a knife… they always use this giant blade thingy with waxed paper over it, to cut it into pieces. It’s the same thing they use to cut the crisped rice treats. Maybe they were having a bad day? Try again and hopefully this time you’ll have a better experience!

  • Do any of these fall under the ‘snack’ option under the Disney Dining Plan? I know the more decorated $9.99 ones done, but do some of the basic offerings? It’s somewhat hard to tell on the Disney site.

    • There are big changes coming to the Disney Dining Plan which may add the basic apple as a snack, but Disney does not consider an apple a single person serving, so not even the basic apple currently is an option on the plan. The rules changing are supposed to get easier for everyone to understand soon, so hopefully that will happen and it will make it all easier soon!

  • They have the same wonderful apples at Disneyland, but for some reason there is a new resort policy that they won’t cut it up for you. I have tried at all of the confectionaries in the 2 parks, and in Downtown Disney. All they will do is give you a plastic knife, which really botches the job. I hope this policy does not spread to Disneyworld as well!

    • That stinks! It definitely makes it easier to eat on the go. A plastic knife can’t possibly do anything helpful to the apple!

  • Candy apples are a must for our Disney trips. We get several while we are there. Though many people have told me, that’s too expensive for a snack, I think its worth the price. We take turns picking our favorite flavors, then have them cut them up for us so we can share. 4 people can easily share 1 apple, as there are a lot of extra goodies on it and it will fill you up fast. Our only issue is there are not enough marshmallow ears for 4 people.

    • That’s pretty funny, fighting over the ears! I’m the only one who will eat the ears, so I automatically get both. Of course, that means I have to sacrifice another part… 🙂

  • They will cut it up for you!
    (No extra charge.)
    So for ease of eating – or sharing – that is very helpful.

    If you plan to keep the caramel apple in the fridge for the next day, it keeps much better left whole.

    • Marlene, I totally forgot to mention that! It is a great perk, especially since you’re not carrying knives around Disney as you tour! I love watching them do it, too. So clever! I will edit and add that information. Thanks for reading!

  • Who knew I would enjoy an article on candied apples so much! Great pics. Makes me want to run down and try one of the Karamel Kuche apples now!! Thanks for the info.

    • Thank you very much! I love the apples, and I have been on a personal quest to try new ones every trip… and photo the evidence!


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