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Disney’s All-Star Deals to Jumpstart 2022

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Approaching the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary, I keep hearing from people wanting to know when I think any October deals might show up on Hotwire and Priceline. And I am here to tell you…..

I don’t think we’ll see any at all. *sad trombone*

Would you start highly discounting rooms with such a milestone coming up? I wouldn’t – but then again, both sites over the years have surprised me several times, so keep your fingers and Mickey ears crossed!

BUT, I am also here to tell you that I’ve spotted some other good deals, and this time no real deciphering needed because they are directly from Disney. While checking out sample dates I noticed that Hotwire had some $108 transparent (aka non-hidden) deals for the three All-Star resorts out in January.

When I jumped over to Disney’s site I found them there as well. After some finagling with dates, it appears these $108 deals run from Monday to Wednesday night check-ins all through January and up to February 9th. (These deals bring me back to 2018 when I found similar blocks of deals – albeit for lower rates.)

When I tried extending these windows to start on Sunday nights, the price increased to $112 for Sports and Music, while Movies jumped to $134. When I tried Monday to Thursday night blocks, the price increased to $122 for all.

If you search the same days of the week on February 16th, they all jump to $148 per night – and the week after that up to $176. That is a pretty steep increase. (Or a hefty discount I suppose, depending on you look at it.)

For comparison, for dates this month, now Disney has a standard room at All-Star Movies priced at $124 with their current discount and $140 full price.

As time goes on, might we see some hidden Hotwire or Priceline deals for these rooms at lower rates? Perhaps, rabbit. But – if you are thinking of a nice weekday trip in January, these Disney deals are refundable rooms, so why not book them now and then just keep watching the resellers? For room only bookings, you have until 5 days before to cancel.

The Calendars of Deals should help give you a visual reference as you ponder this suggestion. Oh, I have one last note to make: be aware that the last week of these deals, Movies jumps up to $131 while the other All-Stars stay at $108.

If you’ve booked any of these deals or are just ready for 2022 to get here already, let us know in the comments!

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