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Epcot Wind Down: Your Questions Answered

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1Last week I reviewed my first experience at the Epcot After Hours Wind Down. (You can find it here.) While I was excited to share the event with you guys, everyone had lots of questions for me that I couldn’t answer at the time. This past weekend I set out to get the scoop. (And some yummy Moroccan food at Spice Road Table!)

Are kids allowed? At this time children are not allowed and the event is only for guests over 21 years of age. I spoke to a couple different cast members and neither had heard anything about a children or family events being added in the future.

Is it busy? This is one answer that changed dramatically week over week. Last weekend I was honestly concerned that this after hours party might get cancelled before the scheduled end date. There were only a few other guests sharing the restaurant with us and that just didn’t seem sustainable. Wow- what a difference a week makes! Spice Road Table was hoppin’ when we were there Saturday. It looked like every seat was taken in the dining room.

Are reservations required? They are not required but they are recommended. Seeing how busy it was this weekend I would be very sure to reserve your table if this experience is important to you.

Which Location? I’ve been to Tutto Gusto and Spice Road Table, and I very much preferred Spice Road Table. I thought the food was much more appropriate at this location and the service was impeccable. If you’d like to see the menu, Seth did a great review of Spice Road Table and La Cava del Tequila you can find here. We at TouringPlans haven’t tried Rose & Crown yet. Personally, I think Spice Road will remain my favorite but everyone will have to look at the reviews and choose their favorite!

What if I don’t drink? It doesn’t seem like a great plan is in place for non-drinkers. Everyone I spoke to said that the price is for the prix fixe menu. Of course, if you don’t drink a non-alcoholic beverage will be offered at no additional charge but there isn’t a discount for skipping the booze.

Can I order extra food? At Tutto Gusto the kitchen was closed but we were offered to order extra food items from their cold case. Last week, I spoke to a vegetarian gal leaving La Cava del Tequila who couldn’t even get chips and salsa. Cast members outside of Rose & Crown confirmed for me that their kitchen was closed leaving no food options. We were offered the entire menu at Spice Road Table! You can see the answer on this one varies wildly and I expect it will change once Epcot realizes people are hungry!

Are they kicking people out? So far, no. There was some concern from people that liked to stay late and stroll out that not having a wristband would end that tradition. From my two weekends it doesn’t seems like security is actively trying to clear the park anymore than they have in the past.

Will I be able to get back to my hotel? I spoke to security on my way out and he was very clear that transportation is available until the last guest leaves the park. It may not be traditional (A bus could go to a few resorts) but Disney will not leave you stranded.

Is it worth it? This will vary for everyone. For us it’s worth it to quietly leave the park and enjoy a nightcap. However, I would not shell out the extra cash on a night with Extra Magic Hours. There’s also the novelty of trying something new that’s only for a limited time. Remember the Pirate and Princess party? I think this will be similar. I don’t think the Epcot Wind Down will last but I can say I did it one day.

Did I answer your question? Is there something you’d like to know about the Epcot Wind Down? Please let me know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading and commenting!

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10 thoughts on “Epcot Wind Down: Your Questions Answered

  • During emh nights are other guest allowed to go to the lounge?

    • Hi Fay – good question! The honest answer is that I don’t know but I will follow up and get back to you. My issue with EMH is you don’t get to see the park empty which is one of the big benefits for me.

      • Thank you! I agree, but if you can’t go to the lounge with out going to this, I may consider it. It might be the only time I can go.

  • Thanks for answering our questions in this post!

    • Hi Laura! Thanks for commenting! 😉

  • If you don’t order any additional drinks or food, should you leave a tip?

    • I did leave a tip on the $35 fee (as well as the extra drink I ordered) because you are still being served by the wait staff.

      • Hi Johnathan – I’m with Seth. We did order extras last weekend but we tipped on all of it. Our server worked very hard for us so we were happy to take care of him! 🙂 Hope that helps.

      • We didn’t order any extras and we didn’t really have anyone “serving” us as we got our beer flight and food brought to us at the bar. At first I didn’t leave a tip, but after getting the manager’s opinion on what we were supposed to do, I tracked down the girl who gave us our beers and gave her some cash.

      • Oh! I didn’t realize you’d already been! What did you think? It sounds like you’ve tried the one spot we haven’t.

        At the end of the day you pay for service. Our servers have been incredibly attentive and helpful. I might not have felt it was necessary either if they just plopped beer down and left. I’m sure you made the right call!

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