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Every Pizza Place at Walt Disney World Ranked!

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As a Disney enthusiast and a self-proclaimed pizza aficionado, I embarked on a culinary adventure to discover the best pizza options at the most magical place on earth – Walt Disney World. Just kidding – that’s only what ChatGPT told me to write. Why would it matter if I told you my opinions on pizza? I am not and will never be a pizza aficionado. My husband would happily inform you that my favorite pizza is “fancy cheese on crackers” (aka, St Louis style).

Instead, I’m going to do the smarter thing and share all the data with you instead. What’s the best pizza at Disney World? Let’s take a look at our survey results to find out which slice reigns supreme. Pizza pun.

Explain the Math

After every trip to Walt Disney World, faithful TouringPlans users can fill out a survey telling us all about their trip. These surveys are what give us the data we need to tell you all about satisfaction at hotels, attractions, and most importantly for today – restaurants.

For the restaurant portion of the survey, users can rate each dining location they experienced during their vacation with at thumbs up or a thumbs down. I pulled all of the restaurant ratings dating back to January 2022 and calculated the percentage of ratings that received a thumbs up for each location. That’s the overall average satisfaction, and it will help us to compare each of the pizza locations throughout Walt Disney World.

#1: Blaze Fast-Fired Pizza

At the top of the list, rated significantly higher than any other pizza location … is a chain restaurant located in Disney Springs! Blaze has gotten 92% thumbs up ratings since the beginning of 2022. The good news here is that you can customize to your heart’s content, and they are very allergy friendly. Plus service is quick – about 3-5 minutes once you get to the front of the line! But otherwise it’s no different than what you would find in their 300-ish other locations across the country.

Plenty of options to make the pizza of your dreams.

#2: Via Napoli

Next up is our first in-park option – Via Napoli in the Italy pavilion at EPCOT scores a solid 90% average satisfaction rating. And in my totally informal-but-awesome Instagram poll, over 56% of respondents chose Via Napoli as their favorite pizza spot at Walt Disney World (compared to 6% of people choosing Blaze).

At Via Napoli, your wait may be longer, and prices are certainly higher. The dining room is loud and service is spotty. But the pizza is the star, and almost always delivers.

From the simple margherita pizza, to pies loaded with lots of toppings, there is plenty to choose from at Via Napoli.

#3: Pizzafari

A little bit of a shocker in third place, Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom scores this spot with an average rating of 89%. Almost as high as Via Napoli! TouringPlans experiences here have not been great. Comments regarding why Pizzafari was rated well mostly point back to the location and theme, which is admittedly fun. But if you want to make decisions based on the food, then maybe this isn’t the place for you.

Pizzafari pizza … typical fast Disney pizza

#4: Pizza Ponte

Sliding all of the way to fourth place is another crowd favorite – we’re back in Disney Springs for Pizza Ponte with an 88% average satisfaction rating. If your favorite kind of pizza is New York style, this is where you’ll want to go. $8 will get you an incredibly large slice. Not as much customization as Blaze, but better quality pizza. Even Len approves of this pizza, and he’s a New York pizza snob!

Plenty of pizza to pick from at Pizza Ponte

#5: Via Napoli Pizza Window

Falling just barely behind Pizza Ponte is the pizza window at Via Napoli, with its own 88% satisfaction rating. Usually almost no wait, no loud dining room, and the ability to walk with your slice around the World Showcase Lagoon!

Slightly less fresh than when you order it dining in, but so portable!

#6: BoardWalk Pizza Window

Now is where we hit a firm “bottom of the pack” as far as Disney pizza. If you love pizza, these are not the places to go. Think of them as a last resort if there is no other pizza around and you simply must have a slice! The BoardWalk Pizza Window catches unsuspecting boardwalk wanderers and lures them into buying a slice. But its 80% satisfaction rating is remarkably low compared to other dining locations. One commenter even compared this pizza to cardboard.

Avoid, avoid, avoid. Find yourself some other sustenance along the boardwalk!

#7: Pinocchio Village Haus

This location is a little bit of a stretch compared to the rest, but its menu consists mostly of flatbreads, so we’re including it here. Unfortunately, including it on the list isn’t really doing anyone any favors, other than if it helps someone pick somewhere better to eat in Magic Kingdom, like Columbia Harbor House. Pinocchio Village Haus has had an average 79% satisfaction rating since 2022. The location can be fun if you like watching folks embark on the happiest little boat ride on earth. But don’t let the fancy “flatbread” terminology fool you into thinking the food is good.

Pepperoni flatbread (not pizza) at Pinocchio Village Haus in Magic Kingdom.

#8: PizzeRizzo

At the bottom of the list comes the rat that everyone loves to hate. Or … oddly … sometimes loves to love. At 72% average satisfaction, it’s not just the lowest-rated pizza place – it’s one of the lowest-rated dining locations at Walt Disney World, period. Comments about PizzeRizzo range from complaining about raw dough and “elementary school cafeteria pizza” to proclaiming the wonders of enjoying a personal thick crust while in the uncrowded wedding reception area and later dancing to all of the tunes. So this is another case of potentially going to enjoy the atmosphere … but do yourself a favor and eat somewhere else.

PizzeRizzo's pepperoni pizza
It’s … pizza. This much is true.

What Does This Mean for You?

Make your own pizza decisions based on what you like best! New York style? Head to Pizza Ponte. Incredibly customized just to your taste? You should go to Blaze instead. Authentic Italian? Try Via Napoli. And if elementary school cafeteria pizza is your jam (hey, no judgment, I know several elementary schoolers who share that taste) – then Pizzafari and PizzeRizzo will do just fine.

What’s your favorite pizza at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “Every Pizza Place at Walt Disney World Ranked!

  • In 2022 I got the best pizza in Animal Kingdom at a small window service. It doesn’t seem to be there anymore? Does anyone know anything about that closing down? It was sold by the slice. Thanks

  • Doesn’t Catalina Eddie’s serve pizza any more?

  • Thanks, Becky–I appreciate this!

    Do you have any recommendations for local places that deliver to resorts?

    • As a native New Yorker, I know that NY-style pizza is the only pizza. So maybe Ponte is a choice this fall – although we’ve been to Disney Springs and don’t really fancy going back to a big outdoor mall. Via Napoli, then, perhaps. I gotta say the cheese on that margherita looks odd when I zoom in though.

    • Giordanos Pizza is amazing and they deliver to Disney Resorts. They are a Chicago based pizza restaurant.

  • There are other places besides Via Napoli? I’m shocked. Lol. Surprised Blaze beat them.


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