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Five Disney Souvenirs Actually Worth Buying

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When you’re in a magical place where happiness is all around you, it is easy to want to buy souvenirs to remember your trip. And while any souvenir can be “the perfect one” for a person, sometimes people get home and have buyer’s regret. Are you really going to get a lot of mileage out of a half dozen pair of ear headbands back in Albany? That Disney t-shirt is a great memory of your trip, but will you wear it to the office in Des Moines? (Floridians, long-sleeve spirit jerseys are a no-no for 90% of the year, so think twice before shelling out $60+ on each one!) And I do know many parents (myself included) who had a small mountain of Disney plush and little playsets of figurines for our child.

It’s easy to get carried away, but there are some souvenirs that do work well to give you great memories about your trip and are still practical enough to have you feel you got your money’s worth. Here are five suggestions — and yes, they are all souvenirs currently found in my own house.

Disney Blankets and Beach Towels

Everyone in the family loves Disney blankets (even if they don’t want to admit it).

From a logistics standpoint, these are easy to carry home with you, either in your suitcase or just carried through at the airport. They also can sometimes be an impulse buy–in the fall, winter, and even early spring, it can get chilly enough where a kid might want something to cover up and stay warm. My preference is for beach towels — even if you don’t go to the beach or the pool often, I guarantee kids will love pulling out a special Mickey towel for their bath time.  I’m also a huge fan of Disney throw blankets — we have one on each of the seating areas in our living room, plus one on our kid’s bed and one on my side of the bed (perfect if you have someone who steals the covers!).

Disney Cookbooks

Half of the Disney cookbook collection at our house, and we have made items from every one of them!

Who doesn’t love Disney food? There’s so many great flavors that are wonderful to re-create at home. My personal favorite are the festival-themed cookbooks, but other cookbooks offering recipes from restaurants at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and even Disney Cruise Line are fun to flip through and occasionally cook from. Disney, if you’re reading this, an English-language cookbook of dishes from Tokyo would be an instant best-seller…. just saying!

Pressed Pennies

An inexpensive souvenir collection for a lifetime of memories.

Not all souvenirs have to be expensive! Pressed pennies are a relatively inexpensive way to get a bunch of souvenirs for a small cost. Even better, they help you re-create your vacation memories. Years from now, you can pull out those pressed pennies to remember attractions you went on, hotels you stayed at, characters you met, and more.

Coffee Mugs or Water Bottles

Mornings are better when you’re using a Disney mug for go juice.

There’s something magical about that morning beverage of choice served in a mug that brings up happy memories. And although a coffee mug collection can quickly snowball out of control if you buy every cute one out there, a mug here and there with a favorite character or image is something that you’ll likely get a lot of use out of at home on a regular basis. Not a drinker of the warm morning go juice? Refillable water bottles are useful in the park to help stay hydrated and then are great at home to remind you to keep drinking water!

Ornaments and Seasonal Decor

A few Disney touches around the house for each of the holidays keep that Disney spirit alive.

If you’re someone who likes to decorate for the holidays, having a special ornament to commemorate your Disney trip is a great way to relive those vacation memories for years to come. Ornaments come in such great variety, price range, and durability that you’re sure to find one that speaks to you or your family. For the best selection, try Mickey’s Days of Christmas at Disney Springs. If winter holidays aren’t necessarily your favorite time of year, you can also find a variety of decor for seasonal holidays throughout the year.


What are your favorite souvenirs to bring home from vacation? Have you ever bought something and had buyer’s remorse when you got home? Let us know in the comments!

First published October 18, 2020. Updated July 24, 2021.

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7 thoughts on “Five Disney Souvenirs Actually Worth Buying

  • Please don’t forget popcorn buckets. They used to be inexpensive and the regular buckets still are but compared to other items they are still a bargain, I think, and are a good item to collect for regular visitors that will not break the bank.

  • I’m a big fan of the reusable tote bags you can find in some gift shops: they’re partially made from recycled material, they’re cheap, and I get a ton of use out of them because they’re my grocery bags. Plus they’re cute! Good for the environment, good on the wallet, and a purchase you won’t look at when you get home and say “what the heck am I going to do with this?”

  • If you have a Dremel tool. Drill a hole in the pressed pennies to push in a Xmas tree hook wire for a nice ornament, or just dab some glue/tape on there.

  • I always buy a pin with the year on it. I also buy pins for any special event eg MNSSHP that we attend and, if we stay in a WDW resort, one for that resort! BUT when I get home they just go in a little box – I don’t wear them. I intend making a display of them – already bought a deep frame, purple velvet and some stuffing – but I keep going back to WDW so I keep buying more pins so need a bigger frame now! I did buy a Friday 13th pin in 2010 – I stuck black masking tape over the year on the pin and wear it on every Friday 13th (next one in November) and I did buy a couple of pretty Mickey head outline pins which I wore with my suit when at work. I’ve got a few towels which I managed to get from the Disney outlet at the Premium Outlet. Not got any rugs yet but might get one next time. We have lots of pressed pennies in a special wallet we got from WDW – our daughters loved collecting them. Also have a few Disney mugs. My watch has Mickey on it, my Pandora bracelet has Disney charms on it – before he retired, my husband used to say he went to work to feed my Disney habit! Missing it at the moment – can’t wait to go back when we Brits are allowed to go back.

  • We have some blankets, half price if you spend enough on other stuff. I usually try to get a resort specific hat or t-shirt. I like the pressed coins but often forget to bring enough change with me. And lots of holiday decor since that was one of my wife’s favorite things.

  • I concur with the pressed penny statement above. They also make incredibly inexpensive ( Cheap?) gifts/mementoes for coworkers and friends.

  • Pressed pennies are great souvenir! We build up anticipation for any vacation by finding shiny pennies and point out how great they will look when they get pressed. Yes, I know old copper pennies are supposed to look better, but young kids like the shiny ones, and that’s who we get them for. The bonus is you can come home with a couple dozen of these for the cost of one stuffed animal.

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