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Five Reasons We Love the Christmas Character Cavalcades at Magic Kingdom

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This year has certainly had lots of rough moments to say the least. But one highlight this year are the Christmas character cavalcades now appearing at Magic Kingdom. Normally these festive floats and characters in cheerful apparel would be reserved for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and the two weeks of Christmas itself. But with this year’s party being cancelled, guests get to enjoy these joyful processions throughout the day.

We’re very excited to see these characters, floats, and enjoy the festive music in Magic Kingdom. If you have not had the chance to see some of these holiday floats and costumes, and you feel comfortable visiting Walt Disney World, now is a great time to visit so you can enjoy these extra touches that are normally reserved for special occasions.

Santa Claus at Magic Kingdom 2020

Here’s why we love the Christmas character cavalcades at Magic Kingdom

  1. Festive costumes
  2. Holiday decorated floats
  3. Cheerful music
  4. Sights and scents

Many of the characters at Magic Kingdom, both at physically distant greeting locations and in the cavalcades, don their gay apparel. The Disney Princesses are one of my favorites because many have winter wear, and Belle wears her festive dress. The princess float itself, which has been running through Magic Kingdom for decades, is decorated with little Christmas trees, garland, and ornaments.

Princess Christmas Character Cavalcade Magic Kingdom

Much of the music that plays during the character cavalcades during the holiday season are songs that would normally only be heard during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Hearing this music gives me goosebumps and makes me chuckle with glee. As the cavalcade passes by you may smell something delightful. The gingerbread floats featuring Clarabelle, Goofy, and Max leave the scrumptious scent of gingerbread on the air.

Clarabelle Christmas Character Cavalcade Magic Kingdom
Max Christmas Character Cavalcade Magic Kingdom
Goofy Christmas Character Cavalcade Magic Kingdom

The big blockbuster moment this year is Santa Claus himself making the rounds through Magic Kingdom. His spectacular rooftop float parades through the park throughout the day and into the early evening, led by his eight jolly reindeer. It is a moment that puts a big smile on everyone’s face.

Santa Claus at Magic Kingdom 2020
Santa Claus at Magic Kingdom 2020

Before you head to Magic Kingdom, check out our tips for viewing the character cavalcades.

Have you had the chance to see these Christmas character cavalcades? Do you have a favorite?

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  • Is there anywhere to find this music to listen to it?
    Or do any of these songs have names?

    • Christina asked at Guest Relations and City Hall if there was a track listing, but they said they didn’t have anything.

  • The only frustrating thing for me is that without a published schedule (to avoid crowd gathering, I get it) it’s easy to miss the cavalcade, especially spending so much time in mind I was there in Mid September, and happened to see a float on main street from Tomorrowland, ran, but missed several of them. Is there any general time period to shop main Street and be on the lookout???

  • I am sooo missing visiting WDW. Can’t wait until we can travel there again. Thank you so much for all your blogs – at least I can read about WDW every day and dream …………

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