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Frozen Meet and Greet Extended At Walt Disney World

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Anna and Elsa from FrozenAre you a fan of the movie Frozen? Do your little ones want to meet Anna and Elsa? You are in luck, at least for a little while longer.

The meet and greet was originally supposed to end on January 4, but it has officially been extended to last until January 31. (Rumors indicate that this meet and greet opportunity may eventually be extended past that date, but there is obviously nothing official announced yet.)

This has been one of the most popular meet and greet opportunities in all of the parks, with lines that are extremely long all day. If you want to meet Anna and Elsa, try to do so first thing. Meeting times are scheduled for 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:50 p.m., 5:50 p.m., and 6:50 p.m. Be sure to check a Times Guide or the My Disney Experience app in case things change.

Guests may meet the sisters in the Norway Pavilion at World Showcase in Epcot inside Puffin’s Roost at the Prinsesse Plass.

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32 thoughts on “Frozen Meet and Greet Extended At Walt Disney World

  • What’s new with Anna and Elsa?

  • We were there Feb 9-14 and visited the M&G spot several times, hoping to luck into a shorter wait time but that didn’t happen. The shortest wait we encountered was 2 1/2 hours – the longest was 7 hrs! We chose that week specifically because it is one of the “least busy” weeks of the year at WDW (if there is such a thing?). My granddaughters desperately wanted to see them but even though I offered to stay in line while they explored, my daughter insisted we were NOT spending an entire day of our vacation that way. My hat’s off to the parents and grandparents who spent the majority of the day just standing and waiting so the kids would get their chance. Unfortunately, we didn’t know you could see them through the window of the gift shop or we would have done that at least. Oh well, just gives us an excuse to return next year after some of the “newness” wears off. I did read on another blog that folks were reserving the earliest breakfast times at Akershus to get into the park/on line early and then forgoing the reservations and taking the $10 per person penalty. Just a thought……

  • We were there on Friday (feb 28)
    We got to the line at 9:20 and it was already a 4 hour wait to see them, so we opted out of waiting that long
    I was told by one of the fast pass people the line was over a 7 hour wait last week
    We hear you can eat an early breakfast at one of the restaurnants, and then you get early entrance to park and you can line up early at 8 ish ?

    • Aukershus Royal Banquet Hall is right next door to the line for Anna and Elsa, and you can get 8 am reservations there (if you plan far enough ahead), which allows you in to Epcot early so you can get an early spot in line. There was a 4-hour wait at 10 AM when we went on February 13, but by 4:30 PM the line was down to 2 hours. If you really don’t want to stand in line at all, they had the curtains open in the gift shop by the Maelstrom and you can at least peak at them. Fast Pass for Rapunzel was fabulous after that 2-hour Anna and Elsa line.

  • Elsa and Anna were there Saturday, February 22nd. I strongly recommend getting in line as soon as possible. It was a 4 hour wait. Some parents were switching spots so that one family member could take their kids to see other attractions. Good Luck!

  • Does anyone know if Anna & Elsa are still at Epcot? We are going next week, Feb. 27th and I My daughter REALLY wants to meet them. Any suggestions on making this happen would be greatly appreciated! : )

  • Why don’t they stage a meet and greet at another park or have 2, 3, or 4 pairs of Frozen princesses at staging areas? Is it that important to only have one Anna and one Elsa at a time in Epcot? Aren’t there about 50 Mickeys running around?

    • Actually not true. You will only see 1 character (yes, including Mickey) at any single time in the park. For Example, Pocahontas is only in Animal Kingdom and Mulan is only in EPCOT.

  • They started meeting at 9:00 am as of 2/9. I hope that will bring the line down some.

    We were there on 2/8. We got in line at 9:30. We saw them at 12:30. So technically our wait was 1 1/2 hours.

  • When it’s something as popular as the princesses from Frozen and the wait times are outrageous, they should make it FastPass+ accessible..

    • But then, doesn’t everyone else just have to wait longer?

  • We stopped by Norway on 2/1/14, The line was over a 3 hr wait. To me a complete waste of time & a loss of revenue for Disney to sit on a line that long.

  • I see they have times scheduled now through February 8. We are going the following week and four separate Disney Travel agents all told me Elsa and Anna would be there. After we booked, I tried to add meeting Anna and Elsa to my itinerary and it said “call for availability.” I called and got no further information. I really hope they keep Anna and Elsa there. The Frozen sisters were half the reason we planned on going, and we were told they’d be there!!

  • We are visiting Disneyworld in early March our 6 year old is possibly their biggest fan ALL she is talking about is meeting Ana!!! I do hope they will still be there *fingers doubly crossed they are extend their stay*

  • We are not going until September (it will be our second trip) so I really hope they extend it. Our sons and our neighbours daughter (it will be her first time) would be so excited. They all LOVED the movie.

  • I hope they extend it! My girls love Frozen. We are going to be there on Spring Break and have the Akershus breakfast at 9:20. It’s our first trip to Disney so I could use some advice. Do you all recommend that we leave breakfast (I assume it will be 10:20) and get in line to meet Elsa, then do Maelstrom, and continue clockwise on world showcase or do we back track to Mexico, do the first boat ride there, and then go back to Norway? Thanks!

    • We had the Akershus breakfast at 8:15 and I was first in line at 8:45. The line was formed by 9:00. By 10:20 the line with be several hours long.

    • We were there on Friday (feb 28)
      We got to the line at 9:20 and it was already a 4 hour wait to see them, so we opted out of waiting that long
      I was told by one of the fast pass people the line was over a 7 hour wait last week
      We hear you can eat an early breakfast at one of the restaurnants, and then you get early entrance to park and you can line up early at 8 ish ?

  • Lines will die down in a few months. I know this thought doesn’t help if you’re there now. I agree that first thing is probably your best bet.

  • We are here today and opted out of the two and a half hour wait because Elsa is not here today. seriously?

  • We just saw them on Wednesday! I agree you can see them through the gift shop window. We waited just over three hours but had a few adults and children so took turns waiting. The ladies were lovely and I do hope Anna and Elsa remain permanent fixtures of Disney. Such a good movie!!

  • Please let us know if you hear of official further extensions. We are going in late February and my 5 year old will be thrilled if we get the chance to meet them.

  • I hope they stay…we are there every year during the summer….my 12 year old LOVED the movie and read they were there. She was so excited….she will be disappointed.

  • We got there by 1130 and people were already waiting 2 hours. Even with a DIS/GAC card, they could not do a thing for us (there’s a reason we have the card for the 6yr old with a few diagnoses & need it for things like this!) They said, “Have 1 parent wait on line at a time”. Oh, really. It was just me & my child. I told them that & they just brushed me off to say “well, they’re new, so we just don’t have a setup for that yet.”. Yeah – just sign your name on the card, please & we all leave happy. So much for the “accommodations”, Disney. Since they are “inside”, you couldn’t even get a glance at them. WOW. They will find a way for their process improvement, I’m sure, since they are Disney. AND, there will always be a “next time”.

    • Actually, you can in fact see them without waiting in line — you exit the M&G through the gift shop, and you can see them very clearly from inside the gift shop. You’re really only about 10-15 feet away from them, and there is nothing obstructing your view at all (at least that was the case when we did it).

      • True but you can’t “meet” them or take a photo with them which may matter to little ones…

  • We went to see them twice. Both times we line up at 9:30 am. It was definitely worth it!

  • It makes sense that they’d be permanently homed at Akershus.

  • We went to meet them in the middle of Dec. While we waited 2 hours, the CM’s were wonderful, even suggesting 1 person wait in line and the other members of the Larry go explore. They also said that people start waiting in line at 9 am for the 11 meet and greet.

  • I have to believe that Disney World is going to find a permanent home for them. Frozen is the #9 highest grossing animation film at the moment, and will end higher. It’s probably going to win at least one Academy Award.

    Elsa and Anna are going to be a permanent feature. My only question is how long does Disney wait to induct both of them officially into the Disney princess line-up?

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