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Frozen Summer Fun-Live Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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A "Frozen" Summer at Disney's Hollywood Studios

If you are a fan of Frozen, have I got a great new experience for you! Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be presenting a brand new summer-long special event called Frozen Summer Fun – Live. This fun-filled event is scheduled to last from July 5 through September 1 and is slated to feature:

  • Olaf on Summer Vacation: Olaf will chime in throughout the day to keep everyone updated on all his adventures. In addition, you can snag your very own Take-Along Olaf (which will be available in locations around the park) so he can join you on your summer vacation. Be sure to tag and share Olaf via social media sites with the hashtag #OlafSummerVacation because they may potentially be selected to appear as part of the fireworks spectacular.
  • Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome: Each day, at 11:00 a.m. a Frozen mini-parade will take place. Anna and Elsa will make their way down Hollywood Boulevard in a horse-drawn sleigh. Kristoff will be there, too, joined by a flurry of skaters, skiers, ice cutters and more! The procession will end in a special moment at the Sorcerer’s Hat Stage to officially welcome the visiting royalty.
  • For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration: This fun event will take place inside the Premiere Theater, where Anna and Elsa join the Royal Historians of Arendelle for a comedic retelling of the unique history of their Kingdom, filled with delightful, sing-along moments from Frozen. This will be a 20-minute show that will be presented multiple times each day.
  • Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post & Frozen Funland:  Inside Soundstage One, Oaken has created a Frozen Funland filled with a “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” kids’ play area, ice artisans carving gorgeous works of ice art from frozen blocks, Frozen merchandise for sale, and special Frozen-inspired food and beverage offerings (like hot cocoa). Guests can even choose to ice skate!  Skating sessions are $10 for 30 minutes on the ice, including the use of ice skates, socks and a helmet. If a Guest chooses, they can also bring their own equipment. Skating sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis. Waivers for all guests are required and minors must have an adult/responsible party age 18 or older present to sign for them. Guests will also be able to take pictures with the film’s animated characters in a virtual setting and then be able to share them via social media.
  • “Coolest Summer Ever” Dance Party: Starting at 5:30 p.m. each day, head for the Sorcerer’s Hat Stage, where a DJ will spin tunes and a live band will perform with rock and roll hits, as well as a Frozen medley.
  • Frozen Fireworks Spectacular: At 9:45 p.m. join Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf at the Sorcerer’s Hat Stage for a grand finale featuring an awe-inspiring fireworks display set to the music of Frozen!

I have to say, this sounds like it will be a LOT of fun! (Honestly, I am seriously plotting how to get in an extra trip scheduled for August…my husband is going to kill me.) What part sounds like it would be the most fun to you?

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29 thoughts on “Frozen Summer Fun-Live Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Purchased the Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package for a date in August. Was also planning to go to Fantasmic showing at 9pm that evening. Since the fireworks don’t start until 9:45, I figured that should give us enough time to make our way over to the Premium Package viewing area after Fantasmic ends. Is that realistic?

  • Well we went to opening day of Frozen Summer Fun today at DHS and let’s just say Disney is still working out the kinks. We tried to go to the Wandering Oaks Frozen Funland first, but it is in Soundstage One which is not listed on any Disney map – website, app or the park map you get in the park. We asked three cast members where it was and they didn’t know. The fourth cast member was able to show us where it was on the park map. We got there at 9:55 am and it was a 45 minute wait just to get in the building. The line out front was almost completely in the sun so we skipped it. We then headed over to Hollywood Boulevard to watch ‘Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome.’ The welcome consisted of Anna & Elsa in a sleigh, Christoph on a float, some ax men, dancers, music from the film and ‘snow’ falling from above. It was packed and tight considering DHS’s short main thoroughfare and the narrow sidewalks. Later in the day we tried to go to the ‘For the First Time in Forever: A ‘Frozen’ Sing-Along Celebration. When we got there it was bedlam. There were multiple lines in the middle of the street, none of which were clearly marked. We had to find a cast member to help us explain what was going on. Disney really dropped the ball here – with the popularity of Frozen you’d think they’d have been prepared and had enough staff to deal with the crowds. They were way understaffed here (and the day before we were in MK for July 4 and they literally had a cast member every seven steps). Evidently there is a protocol which you cannot find on any Disney website, blog, enewsletter, app, map, times guide and about 98% of their staff don’t know it either (including guest relations). Here are the details as far as we could get answers: the theater holds 1,000 per show; they give out 900 tickets per show starting at 9am somewhere near the theater and they keep giving them out until they’ve given out tickets for all the shows; the remaining 100 tickets go to ‘Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package’ purchasers; then if there are any spots left they let the stand-by line in. Of course we waited in the stand-by line for 30 minutes in the rain and were two families short of getting in. I was very surprised at the lack of staff and customer service as they could not manage the lines, could not answer questions, and we saw multiple people cut into the stand-by line (both while we waited and as they attempted to get those in the stand-by line across the street to the entrance to the theater). Strange that so many cast members we asked had no idea about this or any of the Frozen events. The fireworks that evening were very good and they did put the stage show up on multiple large video screens which was a big help. The fireworks did start five minutes late though. Overall, I would recommend that if you really want to do this, plan two days. One day to spend 2-3 hours figuring out all the details and another day to come back and actually do it.

  • The Grandkids are going to love this!
    I am trying to add these events to our itinerary. We have not been to WDW for a few years. Most events I have been able to map but can’t find
    Soundstage One on any DHS map.
    Does anyone know where Soundstage One is located in DHS?

    • Soundstage One is located on Pixar Place, between Toy Story Mania and the Backlot Tour.

  • Any word on when they will actually be reflecting this event on the Disney Parks Events page? I saw they “leaked it” and there were even screen shots but I have checked over the past several days and nothing has appeared since they pulled the “leak”?

  • Echoing others comments I hope they at least keep the fireworks as an enduring attraction.

  • I just got even more excited for my July trip to Disney !!! I can’t wait to see the fireworks ! Finally something new at DHS !

  • I hope they keep it all year long!

  • Just a quick note to say that I just checked on the Disney Parks Blog and remembered that the Villains Unleashed event temporarily shuts down the Frozen Summer Fun event for one day only on August 23rd.
    Also, that Fastpass+ isn’t available for any of the Frozen Summer Fun events and activities.

    • Why would the after hours hard ticket villains unleashed shut down the Frozen Summer events during regular park hours?

  • I think this all sounds cool, and I hope that they keep it until our November trip! IMO it would help with the meet n greet at the MK if Disney would have Anna and Elsa meet in one or more of the other parks – a 3-5 hour wait to see them is ridiculous. The Fab 5 are everywhere, and a number of princesses greet in more than one location, it would just make sense.

    • I completely agree with Liz. When you have stampedes at rope drop that have to be curbed with ropes and security guards and 3-5 hour waits ever since the meet and greets started, it just makes sense to have them at multiple parks. I don’t understand why Disney doesn’t get it. Wouldn’t it be “magical” if more guests had the opportunity to meet them and not have to settle for just a glimpse in a parade? While I love what they’re doing in HS, I would much rather see them add additional meet and greets in other parks.

  • Ok, this all sounds pretty cool I would also alike to know when the plans get updated with these parades and shows.

  • I go to Florida to escape Canadian winter (which is also why I’m not going to ever see Star Wars Weekends). I don’t want to see a winter wonderland in HWS.

    • (Also why I hate the theming of Blizzard Beach.)

  • So it looks like it’s Arendelle vs. Diagon Alley this summer. I’ll be with the family at Disney in August and soloing it at Universal prior to the November D23 event when it should be quieter.

  • Sorry for the stupid question, but will the fireworks be as well as Fantasmic? Not instead of?
    Thanks 🙂

    • According to the Disney Parks Blog they are in addition to, not instead of.

  • This sounds AMAZING!!! I only hope that it’s so successful that they extend it past September 1st as our trip is later in September. Time will tell.

    • Please let them extend it till October!!

      • Yes, please!!! It sounds amazing and my kids would love to see this in the fall!!!

  • Are you going to be adjusting the customized touring plans for Hollywood Studios to reflect all this new stuff?

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