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More Potty Talk: Best Disneyland Restrooms

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Going to Disneyland, you expect to wait in lines for everything (hopefully not long if you are using our touring plans!), but there is one place you should not have to wait in line: the restroom. Disneyland restroom lines can be just can hectic as waiting in a line at an attraction. Today, I am here to show you the best Disneyland restrooms, where you can actually take a break from the craziness that can be Disneyland. 

Please welcome Ray Castillo, Jr. to the TouringPlans blog team. Ray is from Long Beach, CA, and currently lives in Seattle. He is a collector of Disneyland memorabilia, especially pieces from the 80s and 90s. I bet Ray and Guy Selga would have fun comparing who has the best collection of Disneyland Pogs.

Main Street, U.S.A.

There are two sets of restrooms located on Main Street, U.S.A., that are great to use:

  • The first is between Carnation Cafe and Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. They do not get much traffic because you cannot really see them. You have to walk all the way back, on the left hand side, to find them.
  • The second set of restrooms is right before you exit Disneyland. These are located right behind the visitor kiosk near City Hall. These restrooms are perfect to use when you entering or leaving Disneyland. They are small, but you will not be waiting, and it is quiet.
The Tomrrowland restrooms are great before getting on or off the Disneyland train.
The Tomorrowland restrooms are great before getting on or off the Disneyland Railroad.


  • Nestled between Innoventions and Autopia are the Tomrrowland Depot restrooms. They are right across the entrance to Autopia. This is a very low traffic area, so you will not have any problem getting in and out of these restrooms.


  • In Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, you will find these restrooms tucked away from guests. The restrooms are not big, but because not many people use them, you will not wait at all to use a stall. However, this area of the park does close after dark, so you will not be able to use it then. This is a great restroom to use while you are making your way to or from Frontierland.

Critter Country

  • These restrooms are located below the serving and main dining area on the lower level area of Hungry Bear Restaurant. This location is among the best in the park, not because it is so quiet and peaceful, but rather because the restrooms are huge. This is also a great spot to head after you have gotten soaked on Splash Mountain and need a place to dry off. The huge sitting area, which is great place to take a rest from your Disneyland adventure, is another benefit of this location.
Winnie the Pooh
Once you pass The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, make a left, and you will find yourself at the only restrooms in Critter Country.


  • Adventureland can be an adventure to get through, and it is one of the most congested places in the park. But there is a restroom there I bet many of you have never even seen before. This restroom is in Aladdin’s Oasis, which is located right between the exit of the Enchanted Tiki Room and Jungle Cruise. This is, hands down, the best restroom in Disneyland. It is hidden from everyone, but it is only accessible when Aladdin’s Oasis is open, which is usually during the morning and early afternoon.


Below is a map of all the restrooms in Disneyland, but the ones I have highlighted in this post are circled in red.

disneyland restrooms

I would love to hear what your favorite Disneyland restrooms are in Disneyland. How about restrooms that guests should avoid? Leave a comment below and share! If you are interested in more potty talk, Sarah has shared her hidden restrooms to use throughout Disney World.

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Growing up Southern California, it was hard for Ray not want to go to Disneyland everyday. He was a passholder for over 10 years until he left to teach English in Korea and now lives in Seattle. Even though he lives in the Pacific Northwest, he always has Disney on the mind. Ray is channeling his Disney passion to write for TouringPlans.

17 thoughts on “More Potty Talk: Best Disneyland Restrooms

  • There were a couple I wasn’t aware of on your list, good to know; but is it my imagination or are 3 of those restrooms on the map actually smoking areas?

    • You’re right. I don’t know why when you search up restrooms on their Disneyland map online, it shows you the smoking areas.

  • After many trip, I recently found the restrooms between the Plaza and Star Tours. Small, but tucked away. The worst restroom has to be the NO Square one, closely followed by the one at the Space Mountain exit.

    • I make it my goal, whenever I take a trip to Disneyland, to not use these two restrooms. They are too busy and there aren’t that many stalls in either set of restrooms.

  • Can’t believe you didn’t include my absolute favorite – the ones inside the Tiki Room! They are inside the courtyard once you go through the turnstiles and then up the stairs toward the entrance to the building and to the left. It only has two stalls, but I don’t know if I’ve ever had anyone in there with me before. Even on the most crowded days when the ones between Adventureland and Frontierland are jammed with a huge line, this one is EMPTY!

    • I was truly debating, with myself, if I should put the Tiki Room restrooms on the list but you have to go inside the Tiki Room to use, which don’t make them that convenient. You are right though, they are awesome restrooms and most of the time are empty.

  • Question answered! Thanks for this post!

  • My favorite bathroom is the one you mentioned by Autopia and Innovations. No line and many changing stations. I always run into a line at the restroom by Ranch del Zocalo, but it could be because we always have our two small boys with us (ages 3 and 1).

  • The best bathroom in DLR is the family bathroom in the Tour Gardens. I was there in May and this bathroom was spotless every day. As someone with major germaphobia, it was a relief, and the only place I could find some relief 😀

  • While they can get busy, I love the Alice in Wonderland bathrooms near the Matterhorn. Who doesn’t live playing cards on stall doors.

  • there is a restroom in the courtyard area of Rancho del Zocalo that is usually not too busy

    • The restrooms near Rancho Del Zocalo use to be one of my favorite restrooms until Fantasy Faire opened. The restrooms are small and it tends to be busy when Fantasy Faire is in full swing.

  • One thing that annoyed me about Disneyland was that restrooms were sometimes far from large eating establishments. Not that I mind walking, but if I’m washing my hands before eating or abandoning my family to use the facilities, I don’t want it to take a long time. Were these private, individual establishments, I imagine health codes would require that they have their own restrooms.

    At Redd Rocket’s Pizza Port, you have to walk on the other side of the Magic Eye Theater to near the Space Mountain exit. Same deal at Fiddler Fifer in DCA. The nearest restroom is across from Soarin’ Over California, and you need to walk past another large counter service restaurant (Taste Pilots Grill) to get there.

    I also found the restrooms near Fantasyland Theater to be great, especially since the Magical Map show was dark when I visited. No one was there, aside from the random person who stumbled by en route to or from the Fantasyland Train Station.

    • The ones near Fantasyland Theater are pretty good as well. Going there at night, when Toontown is closed, is great. It’s a ghost town then.

  • Thanks for restroom tips. I suppose you will keep them coming since California Adventure is missing. My favorite there: the baby care center, it has made a difference for potty training my little kids!

    • I will certainly be doing the best restrooms of DCA soon.


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