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Getting Saucy with a Meal at Chicken Guy!

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If you visit Disney Springs around lunchtime on any day, you’ll likely see a line outside of Chicken Guy!, even in the days before social distancing protocols. Ever since its opening, Chicken Guy! has been popular for its flavorful food and reasonable prices. Our in-park team recently stopped by Chicken Guy! and got saucy — literally.

Chicken Guy! offers indoor and outdoor seating, and offers dine-in and to-go options.

The big draw of Chicken Guy! is its sauce selection. There are 22 sauces that range from mild to very spicy in a wide array of flavors. Favorites of our team include Donkey sauce, bleu cheese, garlic parmesan (their most popular), and the bourbon brown sugar BBQ (an absolute must-try). At $0.50 each, it is a great a idea to try a few.

What good are sauces without food to put them on? In true TouringPlans style, we ordered quite a few things to try.


The Big Bite BLAT sandwich has bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado cream, and buttermilk ranch. This was one of the favorite items reviewed. It’s also a great value at $6.99 and could easily be shared with some fries – the sandwich is more than enough for 2.

Next up is the Southwestern Sandwich: pepper jack, special sauce, avocado cream, cumin lime mojo, charred corn, roasted peppers, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and crispy tortilla strips. Although this was good, the flavors weren’t the favorite of our reviewer, but if you like the flavors, this is a great option. The tortilla on it gave a really great crunch, too.

A bit of heaven is the Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ, with pepper jack, bourbon brown sugar BBQ sauce, special sauce, slaw, pickles, and BBQ kettle chips. According to our review, team, “Sweet goodness, this one is fantastic! It’s crunchy and the bun is soft and sweet and the sauce is heavenly. Thank goodness you can buy extra! This was a good value that you could share, but you won’t want to.”

Fried Pickle Chips: These had a bit of kick to them, but ultimately their best use is as a sauce delivery device. Same applies to the Fries, which were wonderfully crispy and well seasoned.


Looking for even more flavor? The Loaded Fries were a hit and come with a little tub of warm cheese sauce.

For the younger eaters, the Kids Tenders are officially kid approved. Our Junior Reviewer also loved the buttermilk ranch sauce! The mac ‘n’ cheese was also a hit and a great option if you’re looking for something that isn’t fried.


Did you save room for dessert? If so, go for the Triple Double Mint Shake. The peppermint candy on top and the chocolate drizzled along the edges of the cup make this a treat to look at, and it is sweet and delicious–and rich!

Our readers rate Chicken Guy! with an 81% thumbs up rating, putting it at #68 out of 107 options at Walt Disney World.

If you’re craving some of the Chicken Guy! style flavors, see if there’s a Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen ghost kitchen near you, offering some of his signature flavors for delivery at locations around the country.

Have you tried Chicken Guy! before? Do you have a favorite sauce?


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