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Be Our Guest Restaurant Lunch Currently FastPass+ Only

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Be Our Guest Restaurant FastPass+ sign
Looks like currently the Stand-by Entrance is no more.

If you not staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel and want to dine at the Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch, it appears that you are out of luck for the time being. The extremely popular New Fantasyland restaurant is currently only seating guests who have made a FastPass+ reservation during lunch hours, when the restaurant functions as a counter service location. These reservations are only available to guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. Walk-ups will not be allowed for the restaurant until further notice, with no end date in sight.

Previously Disney tested handing out paper “return tickets” to standby guests. This test left many guests out of luck, as tickets were often snatched up quickly first thing in the morning.

Be Our Guest Restaurant is still a table service location at dinner and absolutely requires guests to make Advanced Dining Reservations in order to dine during the evening hours.

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57 thoughts on “Be Our Guest Restaurant Lunch Currently FastPass+ Only

  • How early in advance can you make your Fastpass + reservations for lunch? I have been trying for a few months now, and have had no luck even though I am now in the 60 day window.

    • Guests can make FastPass+ reservations 27 days prior to the day you want to dine at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

      • Thanks! Although it appears from the comments below that new reservations aren’t opening past the end of the month. Hopefully it gets figured out soon!

  • Bridget Swart

    However, right now, no one has been able to book ANY FP+ for Be Our Guest past October 31. For some reason, November 1 and beyond has not shown as available. It seems like Disney is making a change to the whole process, but no one seems to know anything.

    • Samantha

      It goes through the 14th of November when I check. I am still 33 days away. I read you have to be within 3 or 4 weeks before you can make a fast pass+ reservation for lunch at BOG.

    • I made a FastPass+ reservation today for November 2nd. I got the email invitation last week and I have checked it everyday. Today was the first day anything opened up.

      • Krissy

        I was wondering, has the system been letting everyone see their dates more than the 27 days out? Mine will let me go all the way to selecting a date and if we want to order now or not, then it says “no fastpasses are available.” I just want to make sure this is normal!

  • This is the kind of thing that will make me decide that WDW is no longer worth the bother.

    • Bill B

      I could not agree more. This among other things has just made WDW one the most frustrating places on earth!

  • Bob Dankese

    I’m noticing the same thing as Bridget. The first available day for us would be November 1st which is inside of 27 days, but I haven’t seen any of my days available. I probably wasn’t going to be going here this trip, but have been checking the last few days and getting the same result of no availability.

  • We are traveling the 2nd week of November so I just went to see how to add this fast pass when our 27 day window opens. Because I have already selected our fast passes for the day in MK, it says it will cancel all of them before it will even allow me to open the window to make a new Fast Pass+ reservation. Do you know if I click “confirm” on that, will it really cancel all of the FP reservations I’ve made for the day? I understand that I’ll have to give up one of them but this seems like a big glitch in the system.

    • Bridget Swart

      A Be Our Guest FP+ reservation does NOT at this time count towards your 3 FP+ entitlements. It is a completely separate system. There is a different website even to book the FP+ through, it is not done through the normal MyDisneyExperience site or app. No need to cancel ANY of your current MK FP+ reservations in order to book it. However, as stated above, currently Disney isn’t allowing any FP+ reservations for Be Our Guest past October 31. We are all waiting to see what the outcome will be.

    • Samantha

      You do not make through your fast pass in my disney experience. You go to the BOG lunch website and enter your 12 digit dream #. If you call WDW, they will give you that #. That is how I got mine.

  • Is this still a Fastpass+ that is separate from the usual allotted 3? And reserved via the special BOG lunch Fastpass+ website? I just want to be sure that hasn’t changed.

    • Sorry. I needed to refresh the page. Never mind. 🙂

    • Bridget Swart

      As of right now, NO, nothing has changed. A Be Our Guest FP+ is different than the regular FP+ entitlements. It is booked through a completely different website.

  • Cindy Salopek

    I got an email yesterday notifying me of this option (as a resort guest). 24 days out from he first day of our stay. I logged in within 20 minutes of receiving the email and it said that there were no FastPass+ times available for any of the dates of our stay (10/30-11/3). We already have FP+ reservations for all of the days of our stay…is this why it said there were no times available? We’d have to cancel one of our other FP+ times??

    • Bridget Swart

      No, you are receiving the info about No Availability because clearly Disney is doing something. Nothing is available past Oct 31. Nov 1 and beyond has not become available for anyone, not just you.

      • Cindy Salopek

        Thanks. I tried again today and got the same result. I’ll just keep trying.

  • Thanks for the info, I had no idea it was a separate system. It will not even allow me to log on, maybe because we’re not at the 27 day window yet?

  • I have attempted multiple times to do this, and it keeps saying my reservation id (Yes im using the long one) does not match my name. I am now a week away I am so frustrated

    • Bridget Swart

      and you are using your 12 digit, numeric only reservation number?

      • The resort reservation ID that I have on both my confirmation email and at my Disney Experience is not 12 digit, numeric only. I am getting the same error as Amy, it says the reservation ID does not match the name. Is it asking for a different ID?

      • Bridget Swart

        I just reread this actually…you need a 12 digit numeric only confirmation. sometimes its hard to find. If you read the first page of that disboards thread it will tell you how to find that number and that is what you need for the be our guest FP+ booking website.

      • Jeanne B.

        The reservation number you need to use is a 12 digit, numeric only, confirmation number. If you have Magical Express, look on your tags, it should be on there.

      • I just went through trying to find the right number for my parent’s. The only place I found the number it took was by logging into and looking at my reservations there. That number was different from the email they got and what showed up in the MDE app

      • I ended up calling Disney, I was using the correct number, but I had to use my 14 year old sons name (no im not kidding) unfortunatly because were only a few days away there was nothing left

      • Which number did you call because when I call they act like they don’t know what is going on and said I could make them 60 days in advance.

      • Michelle

        I was able to book my FastPass+ Be our Guest lunch reservation for November 11th. I had to call Disney Dining Reservation to get an all numeric reservations number since my resort reservation was both letters and numbers. I didn’t receive my e-mail invite although I am staying at a resort. I do think you need to be in the 27 day window to be able to book. Hope this helps.

    • Dominique

      Hi, I have been experiencing the same problem. I have checked and double checked my name and confirmation number (it’s a 44#). I have an apostrophe in my last name and am wondering if it’s causing the issue. I checked the dis board and didn’t see anything there. I’d love to hear if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks in advance

  • New rumor: “Be Our Guest Restaurant” to be renamed “Be Our Resort Guest Restaurant.” Annual Passholders and offsite guests who attempt to approach the restaurant will be taunted by medieval French guards on the parapets and have farm animals hurled at them.

    • Like

    • Joe Stefanski

      Double Like. Disney is ruining the magic.

    • When I asked the guards about a FP+ reservation, they said they already had one.

  • The system is so jacked up! We have a split DVC stay before and after our cruise, and the system only recognizes the first part of our stay not the second. So weird. My husband says good riddance! We’re heading over to EPCOT for Food & Wine instead 😉

  • Also waiting to try and make reservations for the beginning of Nov, will be awaiting your update. Thanks.

  • we just got back. I checked every day for a month to see if this fp had opened up. One day it finally did. My choices were 1030-1100 or 200-230. We went with the early option. We ended up being first in the fp line at 1025 while at least 100 people were in the standby line. I felt like I was cutting. We were the first ones to walk in that day and had a choice of seating. It was amazing! I suggest keep checking everyday and watching to see what Disney does. This was one of my top experiences from our trip.

  • I got an email to sign up for BOG fastpass lunch, but it only included two out of our party of four (two rooms so different reservation codes). I got the FP for the first room, but now I can’t get another fastpass for the two people in the other room! I know this FP is separate from the MyDisneyExperience so our rooms may not have been linked, but to only grant the FP to half the party is just silly. It should have allowed us to enter a number of guests, even if they had to limit the number a reasonable maximum.

    • We also have two rooms booked. I had to create a second account for the other room and book the fastpasses for that room separately. I noticed that if I checked the fastpass availability multiple times it would give me different options for the arrival window each time. So after I booked fastpasses for one room I kept checking availability for the second room and eventually found a window that overlapped by 25 minutes with the arrival window for the the first set of fastpasses. We are planning to go to BOG on Oct 30th. I hope you are able to get fastpasses for your whole party.

  • Gillian

    This explains why we weren’t able to eat there the last day of our trip on Tuesday. The week before, we had a FP we were a bit late for, but it didn’t matter because they had opened up the stand-by line and it was short! It’s a shame they keep doing these things with zero notice to guests. I tried to look at my phone as little as possible during the trip, so no blogs. :/ This is really unfortunate for day guests or off-site visitors and is especially unfair to those who have annual passes.

  • Leandro

    Well, this blows… I’ve been trying to get a fastpass reservation for a month and the site always say that they couldn’t find my reservation (and yes, I’ve been trying with the 12 digits code), but I always thought “it’s not a big deal, I’ll just show up early for the stand by line”. Now, a week before my trip, I learn that I won’t even be able to do that. I’m very disappointed.

    • I had the same issue, and it ended up being under my sons name, I am really disapointed as well since I will be there next week.

      • I am going alone, so there aren’t any other names it could be under. But I did make my reservation through a travel agent, so maybe that’s what’s causing the problem. I tried using her name, too…

  • Rachel Brenke

    We standby walked in as a party of 7 yesterday

    • Can you find the option in My Disney Experience? I don’t see it listed.

  • I don’t understand why I’m only allowed to book Fastpasses for Be Our Guest lunch for the first 7 days of our trip. I was hoping to do this on my last day…but I guess they have decided to make a random arbitrary decision against that.

  • Has anyone ever made the fast pass for Be our Guest for November? If so how. I am so confused now and honestly I don’t want to do this every night.

    • Wendy

      Go to the dis boards site. There is a complete explanation of how to do this. Just search be our guest. Read the very first page of that post. And yes, reservations for fastpass plus are back up for November. As before, booking is for the 27 day window. Happy booking:)

  • I’ve been checking for the past 60 days with no luck. 27 day was last week and no luck. I received the email inviting me 3 days ago and no luck. Today is 21 days before our trip and I checked this morning and they had time slots available!!! My guess is they now open the site up 21 days before your trip and not the 27 days as they used to. Good luck to everyone else trying to book a lunch there!

  • pooh911928

    I can’t make a reservation for any of the days of our stay because it tells us there arent any available spots (last week of october). What number can I call to see if I can get a spot that way?

  • Bryan

    So who has verified that walk-ups (standby) are being turned away? Has this been officially announced?

  • So I was just able to make fastpass reservations for Nov 15th, 27 days prior to that day, not my arrival date. Each day another day of my trip has been available to book. I noticed a few things.

    I am only allowed to make one fastpass reservation for my trip.

    You will be offered 2 times ( with a 30 min arrival window vs an hour for other fastpass) to reserve, but each time I backed out of that page and came back there would be other time choices. By repeating that trick a few times I was able to get the time I wanted. Be warned that you should select the best time you see on your first offers and reserve it before you back out, otherwise that option might disappear forever. After you have reserved one arrival time, if you see another you like more you can replace your first reservation.

    I called the dining line and was told that BOG lunch was not fastpass only. Cast members will be distributing paper return tickets for that day. She couldn’t tell me when those tickets would be handed out, just that there were a limited number available and she advised me to arrive a few minutes before the restaurant opens.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    • Jane P

      Did you have to go through an email to access the website to make the reservations, if so, what time did the email arrive in your in box? If not, how were you able to access the website and what specific steps did you follow?

  • Leandro

    Fortunately, I got a fastpass the day before yesterday for 10:30 and I got there right before it opened. The problem with my account is that somehow they put my last name as my second name, and my first name as my family names.
    Anyway, the day I went, apparently they were accepting walk-ins. The left side of the line, for fastpass holders, only had a couple in front of me. The right side was really long. And when I left I heard a cast member saying “sorry ma’am, there line for walk-ins are full for today” or something like that.

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