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How Much Is It to Eat EVERYTHING at Festival of the Arts?

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There’s a lot of food at Festival of the Arts at EPCOT — a LOT of food. With more than a dozen food booths, each with 2-3 dishes to sample, you can get quite a meal by noshing around the world. But with each item having a price tag from $4 on up, you can also go through a significant amount of money as you do so.

Festival of the Arts Studio Kitchen – Pop Eats

Just how much money would it cost to eat around the world? We pulled out our handy dandy calculator and added it up.

In our criteria, we considered the following:

  • Only included items above the drink line
  • Only included one artist palette cookie since the same cookie is sold in 3 locations
  • Includes the shake served in a sipper sup at Citrus Blossom because it’s an iconic item that you’d want to get from that booth (which doesn’t have food offerings)
  • Does not include items from Joffrey’s Tea and Coffee stands
  • Does include the Funnel Cake in America, Refreshment Port, and Outpost
Festival of the Arts Studio Kitchen – France

With all of that in play, the total for one of every food comes to….


Looking for advice about how to choose what’s worth it and what isn’t? Here’s our three-part series with our hits and misses at the 2021 Festival of the Arts.

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Would you like to try one of everything or do you like to have some of your favorites more than once at an EPCOT festival? Let us know in the comments.

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