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Imagination Fountains: A Pick for the Best Part of Epcot?

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Ever have one of those secret places that you want to share with the whole world, but you also like having as your own private retreat? Today I’m sharing mine with you–as long as you promise not to tell anyone!

As far back as the early 80s, my absolute favorite place in all of Walt Disney World has been the Imagination fountains area, located near the exit of the 3-D movie theater at the Imagination pavilion in Epcot. Although there’s nothing cutting-edge tech there — after all, the fountains haven’t really changed much over the years — the jumping fountains still bring about a reaction of amazement, laughter, and joy for people who walk by. It is always fun to people watch to see guests try not to get wet (or to try and get themselves or their family members wet by leaping up to “catch” the jumping water.

As a parent of a very active child, I gained new appreciation for these fountains. Here is one of the very, very few places in a Disney theme park where kids have open space to run free.

Generally, the area is never busy, and only has people moving through as each show lets out from the theater. Plus, the area is filled with, well, imagination.

At night, especially, this area retains a “Classic Epcot” vibe unlike any other. Between the fountains, the view of Spaceship Earth, and the occasional monorail passing by, it is a healthy dose of nostalgia for those of us who grew up in the age of EPCOT Center.

The moving water helps keep the area slightly cooler than other parts of the park, there are ample places to sit, and who doesn’t love mellowing out to the sound of splashing water?

And whether you let your kid get a little wet or soaked to the bone, one thing is certain, they will have a lot of fun exploring this off-the-beaten-path area and make memories for years to come.

Do you like the Imagination fountains? Let us know in the comments if you have any fun memories of this area.

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Julia Mascardo

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6 thoughts on “Imagination Fountains: A Pick for the Best Part of Epcot?

  • If you head down past the entrance into Journey Into Imagination, you’ll find a short path that leads to restrooms on the other side of the building. So far off the beaten path that they still play the old area loops. You can stand there for a few minutes (maybe with a drink and snack from those carts that look like they were inspired by Communicore) listen to the music, and look out over a vista of The Land, Spaceship Earth, the monorail, the pools of FW west, and Imagination.
    For a few seconds, you’re back at EPCOT Center

  • Yes, exactly! Epcot at its timeless best!

  • Everything you wrote was spot-on. Exactly how I feel about that area.

  • This is definitely one of the best spots in Epcot. A perfect place for the adults to get a little peace and rest their feet, while the kids play and have fun. And no screens or technology!

  • My daughter loved the jumping fountains when she was little and now, as a parent herself, she made sure to take her kids there to stand over a jumping stream. A definite favorite for several generations.

  • My kids absolutely love this area. They climb up to position themselves just right to get completely drenched!

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