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A Typhoon Lagoon Cabana Is Worth It Right Now

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A Beachcomber Shack is a splurge for your day at Typhoon Lagoon. But starting September 11, cabana pricing returns to “regular” season pricing rather than peak season. That’s a savings of $115/day on the Standard Beachcomber Shack and $150 on the Premium Plus shack. With daily temperatures in September still hitting the upper 80s and lower 90s, September is a great month to visit Typhoon Lagoon – so why not plan it after September 10 to plus your visit at a lower cost?

What Do You Get with a Beachcomber Shack at Typhoon Lagoon?

The standard shack comes with some pretty great amenities. You get a private space to relax in, including:

  • Room for up to 10 people (seats for 6)
  • A safe to store your valuables
  • An attendant to take care of your needs
  • Towels
  • Souvenir refillable mugs
  • Unlimited cold water all day in a cooler box

If you upgrade to a Deluxe shack, you also get:

  • Umbrella space
  • room for up to 12 people (seats for 8)

The Premium Plus shack, which holds up to 10 people (seats for 6) comes with all of the above, plus:

  • Dining table and mini fridge
  • Electric fan
  • Flatscreen TV and 4 electrical outlets
There is a special menu for cabanas with platters to serve the whole family.

How much is a Cabana at Typhoon Lagoon in 2022?

Pricing varies based on season and the type of Beachcomber Shack. There are two seasons for Typhoon Lagoon cabana pricing. Regular and Peak. Peak season in 2022 is March 27 to September 10.

Type Regular Peak
Standard $225 $340
Deluxe $299* $429
Premium Plus $300 $450

*that price doesn’t make sense to us either, but it’s from Disney.

To put that in perspective, based on an 8-hour visit to the park, rounding up, a regular season Standard shack is $29 per hour. An additional $9 per hour will get you into a Premium Plus. In peak season, that’s $43 per hour increasing to $57 an hour.

Or in terms of ticket prices, for a party of 4 adults, that’s $276 for 4 tickets ($69 each) and an additional $56.25 per person for the Standard Shack in regular season or $85 in Peak Season. Obviously, the more people in your shack, the lower the per person cost. Note that while you can add up to the maximum number of guests to your reservation, there is an incremental cost for each person beyond the number of seats.

Is It Worth It?

We think so! The cabana service is a great way to relax and escape the crowds at Typhoon Lagoon. It also offers conveniences that really enhance your day. Having a locker where you’re sitting is a big plus. Yes, you can rent a locker close to the front of the park for $10 to 15 a day, but that means schlepping back and forth every time you want access to your phone, tablet, or wallet. Or it means leaving your stuff under your beach chair covered up and hoping for the best. Easy and secure storage of your valuables helps you enjoy your day at the park.

Anyone can rent a towel at Typhoon Lagoon at $2 per towel, but again you have to pick them up, get enough for everyone, and carry them to your seating area. Or you could get them at your seats, as many as your need, and even get more during the day if you want when you book a cabana.

Premium Plus Beachcomber shacks offer the most amenities, including televisions.

Finding the perfect place to sit at Typhoon Lagoon is another thing you have to do on arrival. Is there seating for everyone? Does it have any shade? Are you surrounded by people? A Beachcomber Shack solves that problem. There is comfortable seating, shade, and some privacy. And if there is a sudden rain, you have a place to wait it out while others are running for the park exit.

Beachcomber Shacks can order from a special menu of platters for large groups for an extra charge. And if soda is your thing, every person on your reservation will receive a refillable mug for use at the park that day. That would cost $12 each otherwise.

Quick Math:
1 medium locker <$10
4 towels $8
4 refillable mugs $48

If you were going to spend that anyway, that’s definitely something to think about when considering a Beachcomber Shack. But beyond the quantifiable amenities, you’re really purchasing comfort and convenience during your visit to Typhoon Lagoon.

Disney breaks down the differences of the levels of Beachcomber Shacks.

How to book a Beachcomber Shack at Typhoon Lagoon

Call (407) WDW-PLAY for Beachcomber Shack reservations. You can make a same-day reservation at Singapore Sal’s if there is availability. Reservations will sell out many times of the year.

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7 thoughts on “A Typhoon Lagoon Cabana Is Worth It Right Now

  • Thank you for the information. I have been looking for a map to choose a premium plus cabana. Did you have a cabana number that is not near the bathrooms and has a nice view?
    Thank you!

  • Hi, we arent going til next year but would love to book a cabana for our day at the lagoon. How do we book from the UK?

    • If you are not able to book online through the US web site ( from the UK, you can book over the phone on 0800 028 0778 or work with your travel agent. On the Disney UK site, they don’t give any information about reservations for the shacks other than that they are “highly recommended,” which is “highly unhelpful” for anyone who wants to book 🙂

  • What’s the up charge per additional guest?
    What’s the platter menu and costings?

  • Is there a map showing the location of the numbered beachcomber shacks? Thanks

    • We don’t have that, and unfortunately Disney’s maps don’t differentiate between the different levels of cabana. But it’s a good excuse for us to go back!

  • Since you all have started moving away from your normal content into these new articles, it’s remarkable how all upcharges are suddenly now “worth it”.
    And for goodness sake, store tables as tables and not squished-together text.


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