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Review of a Beachcomber Shack at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

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“A furious storm once roared ‘cross the sea, catching ships in its path, helpless to flee. Instead of a certain and watery doom, the winds swept them here to Typhoon Lagoon.”

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is one of two water parks at the Walt Disney World resort. While Blizzard Beach offers guests a melting winter wonderland, Typhoon Lagoon is a whimsical, wind-tossed tropical paradise with a wave pool experience you won’t soon forget!

The centerpiece or “castle” of this water park is Mount Mayday which is topped with the Miss Tilly shipwreck that spews water throughout the day!

At the foot of this man-made, mini-mountain is the park’s iconic Surf Pool which churns out 6-foot waves every 90 seconds!

Typhoon Lagoon is also home to the Crush ‘n’ Gusher water coaster featuring three different slide experiences, the Miss Adventure Falls family raft ride, and various tube slides including the signature Humunga Cowabunga.

Miss Adventure Falls ©Disney

While there are plenty of thrills, Typhoon Lagoon is surprisingly chill and relaxing thanks to sandy white beaches, various tropical trails, and its 2,100-foot Castaway Creek lazy river.

Typhoon Lagoon is perfect on a hot day (which is pretty much any time in Central Florida between March and December); but for those looking for paradise, you should know about the park’s Beachcomber Shacks.

Beachcomber Shacks are private, shady hideaways with all kinds of perks! We’re talking as many towels as you want, cushioned seating, and refillable souvenir mugs for every person in your party.

Guests can also enjoy unlimited bottles of water and a personal locker. The latter, of course, means you won’t have to hike to the walls of lockers every time you need to use your phone or grab a personal item.

Here’s a peek inside the individual lockers:

Also, each shack has an assigned Cast Member to bring those extra towels and water AND to assist with your food and beverage orders ALL DAY.

We’re talking no waiting in line for meals, as well as individual plates and family platters of all your favorite items.

And, yes, this includes the iconic Sand Pail Ice Cream Bucket!

There are three types of Beachcomber Shacks:

  1. Standard – up to 6 guests
  2. Premium – up to 8 guests
  3. Premium Plus – up to 6 guests + a refrigerator, TV, and fan.

Prices range from $225 to $340 + tax. Park admission is not included. Rentals can be canceled in the event of inclement weather; guests will not be charged.

If you have the budget – and little ones or older folks in your party – this is a fantastic way to maximize your water park day experience.

The extra space, shade, and food and drinks on hand is huge for guests with kids or babies in tow. Also, for older guests, not having to contend with low beach chairs, lines for food, and that merciless Florida sun is such a win.

If you’re thinking about adding a Water Park day to your Walt Disney World vacation, let one of our expert TouringPlans Travel Agents know if you’d like a reservation for a Beachcomber Shack!

Advance reservations are HIGHLY encouraged as they book up faster than a plunge down Humunga Cowabunga. Plus, our agents can handle the hassle of booking at no additional cost to you!

What do you love about Typhoon Lagoon? Would you consider booking a Beachcomber Shack? Let us know in the comments!

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Savannah Sanders

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5 thoughts on “Review of a Beachcomber Shack at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

  • Would also love to see a map with the shack’s numbers so that we know where we might be located.
    Would also like to know which shack you reserved and noted in your photo?

  • I know many people who would really love to see a map of the shacks with specific numbering–Do you have one? Very difficult to contact anyone with specifics on these shacks so any info you can provide would be appreciated!

  • An additional benefit comes with the inevitable summer thunderstorm. While everyone else waiting out the storm is stuck waiting crowded together under the few covered areas for it to pass, we were sheltering in our Shack staying dry with plenty of space. Plus, once it stopped raining, our attendant brought dry, warm towels to us to use once the park re-opened. We won’t go for a day in the summer without one of the shacks booked.

  • How about any discounts (DVC, AP, etc)?

  • Is there a map with all of the locations marked? I know they are scattered about.

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