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Lily’s Best (Summer) Week Ever: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Hi Everyone! Lily again — and this week I’m going to Animal Kingdom. But first, did you figure out where the turtle carving appears in Magic Kingdom that I showed you last week? If you guessed in Adventureland, across from Sunshine Tree Terrace, you’re right! If you didn’t guess that, next time you’re in the Magic Kingdom, you’ll want to look for it. Now how about some real animals?

The black swan is usually in the pond once you enter Animal Kingdom. Sometimes it’s hiding, so you may want to look for it. Sometimes you might see a swan with a black neck and a white body, too.

These are the macaws. One of them is hiding. The one in front really wanted his picture taken!

Looks like the ibis wanted to be in the picture too!

This is an iguana. This is the first time I’ve ever seen him move. Usually he is on a rock out in the sun. You can find him on the trail across from the macaws.

There are five tortoises in this exhibit (you can only see three in the picture, though). The two in the middle were running at each other, but almost in slow motion. I looked it up online, and the fastest they can run is 0.3 mph. That’s slow!

These are the cotton top tamarins. It looks like they have cotton on their heads. When I saw them before we were going to eat breakfast, they were eating breakfast.

This is a Lion mural at Festival of the Lion King theater. It is made of beer cans that were squished.

I play Pokemon GO in the parks a lot, and the Pokestops have a description telling about what it shows in the picture. You can learn a lot of things this way.

On to Pandora! This is my favorite land in Animal Kingdom. These are some pretty plants I saw on the way in. The line for Flight of Passage was hours long. It went almost as far back as Africa!

These are the drums in Pandora. I love playing with them! There was a concert that just happened.

These are the spitting water creatures that are in the pond of Pandora. They spit water out for their hunting technique.

They also look like a creature in Pokemon GO called an omanyte. (My mom took this picture.)

This is a picture of a flower in Pandora.

This is a really big plant right when you come in that you can pet and sprays mist and shoots water. This is a picture of me petting the plant.

Those pictures were from the day, but sometimes we go to Animal Kingdom at night, too. One night this summer, I went to Dinoland and played games with tickets you can buy there. This is one of the games I’m best at. I won a dinosaur one time and a seahorse this time.

This is a show for Donald’s Dino-Bash. Chip and Dale are dancing in dinosaur costumes.

At night, these flower floats are in the show that’s called Rivers of Light.

I took a picture of the Tree of Life, because you have to take a picture of the Tree of Life!

The other thing you have to do is go on the bouncy bridge. If you run on it or jump on it, it will bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce. You can find it when you’re leaving the park by going into the shaded rock area at the top of the hill on the way to the exit.

That’s it for my visit to Animal Kingdom. What do you like to do there? Have you ever won a prize from the ticket games? Let me know. See you real soon!

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  • Very cool picture of the Omanyte! My kids like to play Pokémon Go in line as well!

  • Hi Lily, I love your Best Week Ever posts! You’re a great writer! I’m looking forward to your next “Best Week.”

  • Lily, your articles are so much fun to read! And your mom is right about the water creature looking like a pokemon 🙂 I was wondering if you like the Rivers of Light show? I have heard various opinions on it. Thanks and can’t wait to read about your next Best Week!

  • Thanks for the bouncy bridge tip! All these years & I never knew it was hiding there!

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