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Limited Time Magic Review – Disney Character Easter Egg Hunt

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Do you like hunting for Easter eggs? What about Disney Easter eggs? What about not getting to keep the eggs after you found them? Well, you’re in luck, for only $4.95 (plus tax) you can participate in a Disney Easter egg hunt in Disney California Adventure and Epcot. I’m not going to lie: when this was first announced I tilted my head in confusion, kind of like my dogs tilt their heads when I sing Britney Spears to them. At first I thought it was strange to pay to participate in an Easter egg hunt where you don’t get to keep the eggs. But then as I sat at my computer for 5 minutes, I realized that A) At the very least this is a chance to obtain what will become yet another piece of obscure Disney ephemera for my collection, and B) Len said he would pay for it. Weighing those two factors, I promptly decided I was all in.

Before I get started, this is the map you get after you hand over your $4.95. I have to say it’s pretty fabulous. The same artwork from DCA’s guide maps is used. The map is surrounded by eggs with brief descriptions on where you can find an egg. After you find an egg you take the corresponding sticker and attach it to the map. If for some reason the egg hunt overwhelms you and you can’t finish, you can still obtain the same prize as everyone else.

The maps can be obtained at Elias & Co on Buena Vista Street in DCA. See the Vinylmation logo? The prize for completing (or not completing) the hunt is a Vinylmation key chain 2 pack.

When you’re done you bring your map to this table. Different Vinylmation key chains are hidden under each one.

This was the key chain I ended up with: Goofy and some abstract design. Not too bad for for $4.95. I did read on Twitter that these exact same Vinylmation key chain packs are available at the Disney-owned outlet stores in Orlando, 3 for $10. Overall it was a fun little diversion. I saw a few dozen people also running around with the maps today, and I’m sure this busy spring break week there will be many more. These sorts of promotions are very popular with the locals who are hungry for anything different to do in the parks (I know because I am one). Also, I imagine that kids would love hunting for character eggs. The Easter egg hunt at DCA and Epcot run March 18 to 24.

Next up I’ll show you the locations of all the eggs. If you plan on doing the Easter egg hunt, you might want to skip the next 10 pictures.


Pluto egg at Award Wieners. Because he’s a dog and they serve hot dogs, get it?

Minnie Mouse on Hollywood Boulevard.

Dale at the Tower of Terror Fastpass area.

Chip near the Tower of Terror entrance.

Lightning McQueen at Radiator Springs Curios in Cars Land

Mater egg at the entrance to Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.

Goofy egg at Goofy’s Sky School.

Donald Duck egg near Silly Symphony Swings.

Daisy in Pacific Wharf. I’d like to point out that this egg was surrounded by dozens of angry bees. Basically this is my worst nightmare. Heroically I did manage to take a picture of the egg before running off like a little girl.

Mickey Mouse egg on one of the Carthay Circle Restaurant balconies.

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5 thoughts on “Limited Time Magic Review – Disney Character Easter Egg Hunt

  • So what you are saying is the key to free Disney stuff is convincing Len that you are doing research?

  • You know, I thought the same thing you initially did until I read this post. $5 isn’t bad, especially considering that this is aimed at children, which means that offering an actual prize makes sense (and costs money).

    It’s not something around which I’d plan a trip, but for locals, it looks like a fun diversion. Certainly more effort went into this than the “stuff that normally happens each year but this year is ‘limited’ for the purposes of shoehorning it into this promo” events.


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