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Lots of Walt Disney World Refurbishments For Late Summer

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Late Summer is always known as a less busy time to visit Walt Disney World. A lot of kids are either just about to start to go back to school or are already in their first few weeks. Because of that, Disney often schedules a few refurbishments in this time window.

Here is a list of what you can expect to see down:

Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Muppet*Vision 3D will be closed for a refurbishment for a little less than a month, from August 6 – September 2, reopening September 3.

In addition, The Epcot Character Spot is finally going to open from its extra long refurbishment that started way back in October. It was originally supposed to reopen in January, but now it will debut on June 3.

For a complete list of refurbishments for the parks, please check out our Disney World Refurbishment Schedule.

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8 thoughts on “Lots of Walt Disney World Refurbishments For Late Summer

  • Has anyone heard what is replacing the Fountain View ice cream shop next to Epcot’s Character Spot? I’ve heard rumors that the evil empire (Starbucks) is moving in. Is there no place safe from their clutches?

    • Gene…yes. That is Starbucks moving into the FountainView. It is expected to come to all four parks in WDW. It has already been started at both the MK and Epcot. No word yet on where it will be going at DHS and DAK.

      • Rikki, thanks for the confirmation. I was looking up the rumor online and saw that the MK Starbucks is moving into the Main Street Bakery! Good news for coffee lovers, I guess, but the Disney purist in me says that it should be somewhere other than Main Street. Maybe Tomorrowland would be better – to go along with the Future World location in Epcot. After all, it’s just a matter of time until Starbucks replaces the mermaid logo with a Borg.

      • Gene…I understand where people are coming from. Not wanting it on Main Street. I just have to remind myself that lots of places in the parks have sponsorships. I mean, isn’t there a pretty significant one next door at the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor with Edys? They have a lot of signage up promoting that. So…I don’t know. I get both sides but it is a practice that has been do e since the beginning of the parks.

  • Re: Jungle Cruise, good thing I already planned on being in MK, 10/2-3. Hope the refurbishment isn’t delayed.

  • Oops.. “some” attractions

  • That’s a lot of refurbs for late August… please Disney, no more!! I need Sonera attractions to be open!

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