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A Few Magic Kingdom Refurbishments For This Winter

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Winter time is one of the more popular times that Walt Disney World puts refurbishments on its calendar, and it looks like there are a few that are starting to pop up. Here’s what you should be aware of for your upcoming winter trip:

Disney may, of course, change its plans at any time. For a full list of current and upcoming ride refurbishments, please check our Walt Disney World refurbishment schedule.

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11 thoughts on “A Few Magic Kingdom Refurbishments For This Winter

  • Any details on the Festival of Fantasy parade? I would love for them to add more “boy-friendly” characters especially since the Pixar parade is no longer. My boys are 5 and 1 and I don’t have a parade for them anymore!

  • We go to WDW the last week in January every year and Splash Mountain is always closed. My husband never went to Disney World as a kid and has literally never had a chance to ride it. Wish they’d skip a year or choose a different refurb timeline just once!

  • We are going from December 2-11 and will miss its a small world due to refurbishment. Does anyone know if there are occasions where a referbishment is done earlier than expected? I would like to go on it at least once if possible?

    • We are going December 5-12, and I was thinking the same thing. It will be the first trip to WDW for my two kids, and it’s one of the few rides my 18 month old would actually enjoy 🙁

      • You’ll be surprised! My 19 month old loved all sorts of rides!! 🙂 Dumbo, Pooh, Magic Carpets, Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan- I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the parks were for our whole family! Now getting my 19 month old to understand the idea that we have to wait our turn??? 😉

  • I knew the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade was due to be replaced by the new Festival of Fantasy Parade, but I thought the new parade was not supposed to debut until Spring 2014? Will there not be an afternoon parade during this gap, or is it possible the Festival of Fantasy is coming sooner? We have a trip planned for early Feb and I’m curious what we will see at 3:00 p.m. on Main Street?

    • It still appears that the Festival of Fantasy is coming in Spring…no word on what (if anything) they will replace the 3:00 parade within the interim…will let you all know when I find out more.

      • Yes, please do! We are planning a late January trip and it just wouldn’t be the same without the 3:00 parade

  • Wow… that is a long scheduled down time for Splash considering it had a major overhaul last year. Having to take it down 3 months every year if it is annual maintenance suggest there are some serious issues with reliability… there is no way you’d want to have an asset not producing revenue (or adding to the experience) 3 months of ever 12…

  • I love Splash Mountain! One of my favorite rides in all of WDW.

    I know some refurbishment happens on Splash Mountain every year, especially on the outside where it seems like the paint fades. What confuses me is that the same animated characters still do not work when the ride re-opens after refurbishment and other noticeable flaws are not fixed. If the ride were only shut down a couple of weeks, that might be acceptable, but when it closes for 11 weeks (2o%+ of the year!) it seems like these issues would be addressed. Hopefully they will be this time.

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