Martha’s Vineyard Lounge at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

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One night on my last trip we decided to leave Epcot early since it was raining so we opted to visit our resort’s lounge. Since we were staying at the Beach Club we had our sights set on either the Crew’s Cup in the Yacht Club or Martha’s Vineyard at Beach Club. We had all enjoyed the Crew’s Cup before so we were going to head there, but it was really crowded when we arrived. Instead of trying to find seats for a large group we migrated to Martha’s Vineyard as an alternative. So this week I wanted to share my experience at this resort lounge!

As I mentioned, Martha’s Vineyard is in the Beach Club Resort. Guests can access it by walking past the Cape May Cafe, down a hallway that wraps around the restaurant and leads to the entrance to this lounge. These directions may seem a bit confusing, but it really isn’t difficult to find. You may have walked by it before and never even realized it was there! The bar is open from about 5:30 until midnight each night if you would like to unwind here after a long day in the parks.

Since Martha’s Vineyard is within the Beach Club, it continues the beach house theme. The decor is meant to make you feel as though you are vacationing at New England summer home, but I think it falls flat. When you think of Disney World you think of well themed and decorated resorts and restaurants. So it is sort of strange that Martha’s Vineyard is not richly themed in the slightest. It just looks like a room they slapped together with some wicker furniture and lattice work and called it a lounge. It isn’t particularly inviting or warm, it’s just sort of there. A beach house theme is relatively easy to pull off, and it seems like they just missed the mark this time.

To go along with the less than stellar decor, the vibe here is (for a lack of better word) odd. It was fairly quiet on the night we stopped in with only a few other people at the bar or seated at tables watching the flat screen TVs. I tend to travel in a pack so we took over one corner of the lounge and no one seemed to mind. There was no buzz about the place, no energy, no particularly fun atmosphere. It looked like the few people who were there just needed a break from their family vacation and came down to the bar alone. I’m not saying I expect a crazy night out when I got to a Disney resort lounge, but this was the least exciting one I’ve been to (and I’ve been to most of them).

If I haven’t discouraged you enough yet and you’d like to try Martha’s Vineyard the menu here is typical of all the Disney bars and lounges. Beer, wine, and cocktails are all readily available off of the standard Disney World drink menu. There is also a small selection of appetizers if you are hungry. My friends preferred to get food at Beaches and Cream, ask for take away containers, and bring it back with them to the bar though. The bartender gave us no trouble about bringing in outside food, so feel free to do the same.

There was only one bartender on staff that night, but it didn’t seem like he was struggling to keep up since there were not very many people in the lounge. He was friendly and happy to serve my bottle of wine. I certainly couldn’t complain about the service here. If you have a Tables in Wonderland card the bartender accepted it, but had to get a manager from the Cape May Cafe and that may take a few minutes. I’d recommend letting them know you’d like to use your card early so they can get the ball rolling.

While the service at Martha’s Vineyard was fine, but everything else seemed lacking. I much prefer the other bars around the Epcot resort area to Martha’s Vineyard. The Crew’s Cup is very close by and offers a much more fun atmosphere. If you’re willing to take a little stroll the Bellevue Lounge at the Boardwalk is a cozy place to grab a nightcap with friends. Perhaps you’d like to watch the big game. Then head to the ESPN Club to grab some bar food and a few beers. Kimono’s at the Swan serves great drinks and sushi and you can laugh at the people brave enough to sing karaoke. To put it simply, any of the other area lounges are better than Martha’s Vineyard.

How about you? Have you had a similar experience here? Maybe you really love Martha’s Vineyard. Either way let me hear your opinions in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard Lounge at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

  • Karen

    Went there for a drink a couple years ago and were they only people there. Certainly didn’t feel like were were at Martha’s Vineyard.

    • Isn’t it just odd in there? Next time you’re in the area I’d definitely check out one of the neighboring options instead!

  • Hmm…so I guess my husband and I made the right decision last December to have a “nightcap” at Beaches and Cream a couple of nights after returning from a park rather than at an actual bar.

    • Yes, definitely the right decision! Although some of the neighboring bars are fun. Thanks for the comment!


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