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My Disney Experience: A Pictorial Review

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As was mentioned last night, Disney has finally released its My Disney Experience app. I thought I would take you on a little preview of just a little bit of what the app has to offer.

Right now, the app is currently available for iPhones and iPads, but it is expected to roll out to the Android market soon, and potentially to other devices, as well. (Please keep in mind, the app is still in it’s beta testing phase. Disney is still working out some of the kinks.)

The app looks extremely slick. It doesn’t feel quite as cluttered as the Disney Mobile Magic App did.

From the start, it is very easy. A clickable map appears, which goes into great, up close detail of the resort. The app also offers the ability to explore the different destinations at the resort and what each has to offer based off of dining, shopping, entertainment, characters, guest services, attractions, and recreation.

In addition, from the main screen one can access Park Hours for that day for each of the four theme parks. (Park Hours can also be accessed through the More tab.) Also, if you click on the Here and Now tab, which is only accessible at the Walt Disney World Resort, it will display the attractions, restaurants, and services that are nearest you.

Guests will be able to explore what attractions can be found in each park, as well as detailed information about the specific attractions. Included in the app are details like what the wait time is currently, when the FASTPASS return time is, and what special requirements the ride may entail. (Such as height requirement information and whether guests will need to transfer from an ECV or not.)


You can even see what activities are happening at your resort, too!


Curious about shopping choices? The app even offers descriptions of what each store carries, store hours, and where it is located in the park.

Another perk of this app is that you can actually make dining reservations online. The best thing: it is so simple to do! Just click on the dining tab or click on the restaurant you want to dine in on the map feature:

Then, all you have to do is select the time frame you want your reservation in and choose a time offered to you. You can then make your reservation, along with any special dietary specifications that you may have. (Note: You will have to be signed into your account in order to be able to make your reservation, which you will be able to do via the app as well.)



Of course, this is just a tip of the iceberg of what this app can and eventually will do. It will be interesting to see how this progresses and how it will eventually play into the NextGen Project.

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13 thoughts on “My Disney Experience: A Pictorial Review

  • Cannot log in to app. Message “unexpected error try later”. Going on for 3 weeks. Have done a reload. I can get into my online Disney account.

  • i linked my reservations & downloaded the app to my I phone but where do I select the fast passes?

  • I’m extremely dissatisfied. It won’t let me sign into my account. Delete.

    • Yes, if everyone else is surfing through what is on the app but you can’t sign in, it must be the app’s fault. Good thing you deleted it.

  • Anyone having problems with refreshing of data? It seems like it does not refresh like a typical app. Maybe it’s just me?

    • i was having the same problem. in order for me to correct this issue myself, i had to change parks on the dropdown menu, and then go back into the one that you wanted to – then the data was refreshed..Hope this gets resolved quickly, or it is a PITA!

  • After reading this post, I downloaded the app. As I was surfing through it, I noticed that the app is missing Haunted Mansion in its Magic Kingdom attraction listing. I hope Disney catches this glitch quickly. Otherwise, it looks great!

  • I am assuming that it will eventually hook up to the disneygo site and will show confirmed resort and dining reservations.

  • This looks great! Any idea when Android is coming out? 😉

  • I just downloaded the app for my iTouch. The maps are absolutely beautiful. So much accurate detail. I wish the paper guidemaps looked like this! Walking distance is very deceiving on the paper maps, but in the app, they are way more realistic.

  • Thanks for the update on this new app! Question – is this meant to take the place of the Mobile Magic App for in-park updates?

    • Yes. The Mobile Magic App will cease to exist by December

  • Now the rollout of wifi in the parks in making sense. I imagine the infrastructure for setting this all up is massive. I wonder what they have planned for DLR if they are ending the Mobile Magic app. Now just to get my parents set up for their trip in a month….

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