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Popular Panda Picks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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What’s black and white and cute all over? Although Walt Disney World isn’t home to pandas, if you are a fan of those fluffy balls of adorableness, there’s a lot of panda-themed merchandise at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here’s some of the best, if you have a panda-obsessed pal (or if you’re in a state of panda-monium when it comes to those adorable critters).

At various locations around the park, Disney animal baby pals are available, including these cuties.

The bulk of Disney’s panda merchandise at Animal Kingdom is found at the Bhaktapur Market, located next to Yak and Yeti Local Food Cafes. There’s a little something for everyone. How cute are these panda planters?


There’s also a wide variety of t-shirts for all ages.



Looking for an inexpensive gift to bring home? What about Best Friends necklaces?



Of course a panda plush is great for all ages.

For a quick snack, Hello Panda cookies are available.

But the panda item that my panda-obsessed daughter had to get is this reversible sequin panda pillow.

Additional panda merchandise is also available in Epcot in the China pavilion. Even though Walt Disney World doesn’t have actual pandas on display, if you’re looking for panda-themed gifts, you can find a surprising amount at Walt Disney World.

Oh, and Disney execs–if you’re reading. We gave Shanghai a theme park, so the least China can do is send us some pandas to Florida, right?

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4 thoughts on “Popular Panda Picks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Can I purchase a stuffed panda? For my 9 year old granddaughter?

    • Hi, Rebecca,

      TouringPlans doesn’t offer shopping services for parks merchandise. A few options you can try is looking on a site like eBay for a Disney parks baby panda plush or searching for a Disney personal shopper company who might be able to go to the parks to locate it for you.

      There’s a lot of cute panda plush that aren’t the same but are still adorable on sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Probably the closest I’ve found, though is this cutie from Stuffed Safari:

      Although it doesn’t have the sling that the baby panda from Disney does, you can order that one with a custom bandana or t-shirt it looks like. (I’ve not ordered from that company before and don’t know anything about them, but did want to try and help make that Christmas wish come true!)

      Best of luck in your search!!

  • We were at Disney world in October 2021 and my 9 year old granddaughter didn’t purchase a stuffed panda at animal kingdom thinking she could purchase it later. And we couldn’t find it later and were unable to return. Can I purchase one for her for Christmas??

  • Is there any way to purchase the panda in pouch from home?

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