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REVIEW: Is Docking Bay 7 the Best Quick Service Dining at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

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When Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opened one year ago, there was much discussion about the food and beverage offerings at the galactic outpost. One of the ways a theme park can immerse its guests into each themed environment is the food. At Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, inside Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, you’ll find immersive details, even down to the menu and the meal itself. Our team ventured to a galaxy far, far away to have lunch, based on your votes on Twitter.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is the main food and beverage location inside Galaxy’s Edge. It is a counter service location with indoor and outdoor dining spaces that are well-themed. It is a fun environment in which to dine. Mobile ordering is available here, making it a great choice for convenience, environment, and flavor.

Docking Bay 7 Outdoor Dining

Cast Members are stationed outside of Docking Bay 7 to assist with mobile ordering questions and direct guests to the appropriate window once their order is ready. Moving to exclusive mobile ordering reduces crowds and enhances social distancing.

Docking Bay 7 Entrance

Our readers have submitted over 500,000 surveys in the past few years and Docking Bay 7 is well rated. It has earned an 88% thumbs up rating and is ranked number 38 out of 109 counter service and quick dining options at Walt Disney World. The menu is a good balance of simple approachable options like ribs and fried chicken, as well as fare that some might consider adventurous like the plant-based Felucian Kefta and Hummus Garden Spread – which is one of the most popular plant-based dishes in all of Walt Disney World. Specialty cocktails and non-alcoholic specialty drinks pair great with your galactic meal. Breakfast is a great option here too.

Docking Bay 7 Plant-Based Kefta

The plant-based Felucian Kefta and Hummus Garden Spread is exactly what our field reporter ordered. It is a great option if you want something satisfying without being weighed down. The plant-based meatballs have some spice to them without being overly spicy. The texture does give away that it is plant-based, but the flavor is delightful. The hummus and diced tomato and cucumber are refreshing, and the pita bread is light and airy. For $12.99 it is a decent value, but would feel like a better value at $10 -$11.

If you want to escape the traditional burgers and fries or pizza options found in all theme parks, Docking Bay 7 is the way to go. For many Disney fans, it is the best quick service inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios in terms of overall experience.

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