REVIEW – The Plant-Based “Lobster” Roll at Hollywood Studios Is Not a Great Catch

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I am a huge fan of the plant-based entrees at Disney’s Hollywood Studios quick service dining locations. So I decided to give the Plant-Based “Lobster” Roll at Rosie’s All American Café a try this week. I knew it would not be as creamy and succulent as a regular lobster roll, but I was hoping for a little more than what I got.

Plant-based Lobster Roll – Rosie’s All American Café

On the menu it is described as Plant-based Lobster Roll – Marinated Hearts of Palm, Celery, Sweet Apples, and Creamy Old Bay Dressing served with House-made Crispy Potato Chips – $10.49

Plant-based Lobster Roll – Rosie’s All American Café

Hearts of Palm is an interesting choice, and I applaud the culinary team at Hollywood Studios for their creativity. For me the brine and sharp flavor of them was overpowering. I am pretty okay with Hearts of Palm. My second home of Cedar Key, Florida has a weird signature salad using them. But these overtook any other flavors in the mix. I could not detect any sweet apples or even celery.

Plant-based Lobster Roll – Rosie’s All American Café

The Creamy Old Bay Dressing was appreciated. I love Old Bay. The roll itself was toasted and sweet, a traditional lobster roll staple, but it also fell apart after two bites. I did also order the Snacking Sandwich Cookie, a new treat that Chrissy tried last week. Definitely a different dessert, that is tasty and fun. All the tables at Rosie’s All American Café were taken so my son and I just stood to the side and propped our food up on a planter. No surprise, my preschooler did not enjoy this meal either.

Plant-based Lobster Roll – Rosie’s All American Café

There are plenty of other plant-based entrees at Hollywood Studios that are better, like at Docking Bay 7 and ABC Commissary. I would recommend sailing over to those destinations and away from this Plant-based Lobster Roll.

Do you like to explore plant-based dishes at Disney? How does this one sound to you?

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