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Some Bunny Would Love These Easter Treats at Disney’s Beach Club Marketplace

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Easter treats have arrived at Walt Disney World, and we’re hopping around to find the best tasting and most beautiful. Our bunny trail has led us to Disney’s Beach Club Marketplace, where we sampled four treats:

  • Easter Cookies ‘n Cream Bonbons
  • Easter Bunny Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Easter Carrot Cupcake
  • Lemon Crinkle Cookies


Easter Cookies ‘n Cream Bonbons: Oreo Bonbons made with Our Mousse and an Oreo Base and Sprayed in Chocolate $6.49

These are a signature dessert of the Beach Club, so of course these are delicious. Each bonbon has an entire Oreo inside and they’re so cute with their pastel colors. If you’re only going to get one Easter treat, you won’t regret getting this.


Easter Bunny Strawberry Cheesecake: Strawberry Cheesecake with a Lemon Crust Sprayed in a Velvet White Chocolate, decorated with a Ruby Red Glitter Glaze and Fondant $5.99

This particular dessert is a bit fragile, and so don’t expect its cute ears to stay in place if you’re transporting it. The crust didn’t have a very strong lemon flavor, and the strawberry flavor in the cheesecake wasn’t too strong either. It’s cute, but there are better Easter treats.

Easter Carrot Cupcake: Carrot Cake Cupcake with a Cream Cheese Icing decorated with a ring of Chocolate Ganache, Oreo Crumbs, Buttercream Icing, and Wildflowers $5.49

This is the second carrot cake cupcake that our team has tried this week. Appearance-wise, the one at the Grand Floridian wins, because. . . bunny butt! However our team says that the taste of this one was just slightly better. That said, carrot cake needs to be more prominent year-round around Walt Disney World, right?

Lemon Crinkle Cookies: A Pack of Three Brightly Colored Lemon-Flavored Crinkle Cookies $5.19

Colorful and chewy, with just the right amount of lemon flavor. This is a great sharable snack when you just want a little something sweet.

Do any of these treats catch your attention? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Just had the oreo bonbons. Wow, are those good. Thank you for the recommendation!

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