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Sale on Vintage Mickey and Minnie Dolls

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Although Disney has always had special offers and discounted prices on merchandise in the past if you looked hard enough, it seems that there’s been a much bigger push in recent years to put signs up about sales and special offers at Walt Disney World stores.

The latest is this box set of vintage-style Mickey and Minnie dolls. Originally $90, the price has now been reduced to $50. These were found at Island Mercantile at Animal Kingdom, but I’ve also seen them at Mouse Gear and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were also available at the Emporium. (Currently, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going through a renovation for their main swath of stores, which means that merchandise in the parks is more limited and spread out.)

I’m not quite sure who the target demographic is for these–they look like well-made collectibles, but is that the source of appeal?

Would you buy these collectible dolls now that they’re on sale for almost half off? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Sale on Vintage Mickey and Minnie Dolls

  • Oh… I bought these at the Main St Cinema where they sell collectables.

  • UGH! I bought this set in March for $99 and had it shipped home. It got smashed. After a long conversation with a cast member about this not being a toy to play with , but collectable that was supposed to be displayed in this box, (she stated it could not be exchanged because the dolls weren’t actually damaged ) , her supervisor said, yes they would exchange it for me. I returned the dolls and received the new dolls and the new box was smashed again. Would have been a bit easier to take at half price. LOL!

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