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Signs That Walt Disney World May Be Increasing Capacity

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Scrolling through my Facebook about this time last year was heartbreaking. Countless former coworkers and friends made the announcement that they got “the call.” One year later, I’ve started to see some good news. Many Cast Members are sharing that they’ve been called back. Not everyone has, and the Orlando community is still reeling from the pandemic. Still, it is nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Online we are seeing Disney Park Pass Reservation Availability in the coming months when just last week availability was more limited. At the parks we’re seeing a few minor changes to some attractions that show an increase in capacity. Increasing capacity to the parks is still theoretical at this point, but it certainly seems like Disney is making room for more folks to be able to come into the parks. In order to have more guests in the parks, even just a mild increase, means Disney needs to make adjustments to handle that increase.

it’s a small world Entrance – April 15, 2021

Disney needs more places to put people and to be able to put people through the rides. At Pirates of the Caribbean our team is seeing every other row of the ride vehicles being loaded. The same is true for it’s a small world. Both of these attractions do not have plexiglass on the rows.

Pirates of the Caribbean Loading Area – April 15, 2021

Both of these attractions previously loaded every third row, accommodating two parties to three parties per boat on average. There is still no combining parties into the same row, which was rare on these rides to begin with. Other rides had increased their guests per ride vehicle ahead of this past Spring Break.

We’re anticipating a few more quick service locations to open back up hopefully soon (we’re looking at you Casey’s Corner). We’re in the parks daily so we will certainly share any changes that we observe.

How are you feeling about the potential increase in capacity? Are you glad to see Park Pass Availability increase? Let us know in the comments! 

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Born and raised in the land of sunshine and dreams come true, Dani is a proud Orlando Native who loves sharing her hometown with others. She's worked in nearly all of Orlando's theme parks, on board Disney Cruise Line, and in hotel management. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @thisfloridalife

12 thoughts on “Signs That Walt Disney World May Be Increasing Capacity

  • If I were Disney I would focus on other precautions (such as masks and social distancing)before raising capacity.

    I would actually increase to 50% and leave it at that level until at least late 2022

  • They must bring back fast pass if they increase capacity. The wait times are already horrendous.

  • I’m going mid May, and a huge reason is the lower capacity. I’ll actually be really upset if they increase capacity without opening up shows and other attractions to disburse crowds.

    • I’ve been told by Disney that the 35% cap is still in effect (as of today) at least as far out as June.

      I only asked about June, so I don’t intend to imply anything else into the “as far as June” phrase above.

      • Thank you, Len! That is happy news for me today.

      • Through the end of June? I go June 1-10th and am getting worried they will increase capacity.

      • The availability calendar opened up considerably after the July 4th weekend. Just saying. Now if only my 2yo could get some grace on the mask wearing…

    • We went in December for that reason and it is still stupid busy. It may be 35% capacity but it full 35% capacity. Then the social distancing in every line makes it horrible. We had literally hour plus lines for everything.

      • I need 3 tickets for magic kingdom on June 26. I have 1 daughter that got them, but my other daughter could not. This will split them on that day. Any suggestions?

    • I just want the shows and parades to reopen!

  • As a regular attendee I think I may skip this year – especially with the 50th kicking off. There is certainly demand for the parks – and not enough supply.

  • Yes! Let’s gooo! Shots in arms, Liners in theme parks!

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