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Starbright Holidays Debuts at Disney Springs

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It was a sight to behold as the brand new drone show, Starbright Holidays – An Intel Collaboration, debuted this evening at Disney Springs. The beautiful show features hundreds of show drones (300 of them, to be exact) and is a first of its kind light show. Guests are invited to gaze upwards during this innovative nighttime show that will take place over the water on the West Side of Disney Springs.

What makes the show so fantastic is that the drones, which feature built-in LED lights, are choreographed in sync with each other and the display is set to a gorgeous blend of classic holiday music.


The show is a collaboration with Intel, utilizing their Shooting Star drone technology. The Intel Shooting Star drone weighs less than a volleyball, and its LED lights can create more than four billion color combinations.

Take a peek at what you can expect to experience, though I can tell you, that I have a feeling videos and photos will not do this new show justice.


Starbright Holidays will join other holiday experiences found at Disney Springs, including a brand-new Christmas Tree Trail, seasonal entertainment, meet and greets with Santa, and festive decor throughout all four neighborhoods.

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8 thoughts on “Starbright Holidays Debuts at Disney Springs

  • Where will the best viewing spot(s) be?

  • The video is great, and probably doesn’t do it justice. I imagine this is a pretty awesome experience in person!

  • Did they test this out by Wide World of Sports last week?

  • For those asking about showtimes, as of right now, I am still trying to research that, however, I suspect that the show will take place a few times each night.

  • What time does the show start

  • What are the dates and times between December 4 and December 8? Love to see it.
    Much appreciated

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