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Starbucks at Walt Disney World: Frequently Asked Questions

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For many years, guests at Walt Disney World asked why it was impossible to find good coffee anywhere at Disney. When it was announced that Starbucks was coming to Walt Disney World, the reaction was surprisingly mixed–fans of the siren’s song were overjoyed. Others were dismayed that locations like the Main Street Bakery were (in their views) becoming corporate-driven blights. Time has shown these locations to be incredibly popular, however, and you will almost always see a line at every single one throughout the day and night.

Although these coffee locations will be very familiar to the Starbucks connoisseur, there are some differences between the Starbucks at Walt Disney World and your neighborhood location. Here’s some answers to frequently asked questions.

Where are Starbucks locations at Walt Disney World?

There’s six locations–one in each theme park and two at Disney Springs. They are:

  • Magic Kingdom — Main Street Bakery, on Main Street USA
  • Epcot — Fountain View, located next to Club Cool
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios — Trolley Car Cafe, Hollywood Boulevard
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom — Creature Comforts, Discovery Island area near the bridge to Africa
  • Disney Springs Marketplace — Next to World of Disney
  • Disney Spring West Side — Next to Characters in Flight


The Trolley Car Cafe is one of the new Starbucks locations at Walt Disney World. (Photo by Julia Mascardo)

What do they serve?

For the most part, these are a typical Starbucks location when it comes to drinks–coffee, tea, and Frappuccinos are all on the menu. They also often serve whatever seasonal specialties are available at a normal Starbucks location, although this is not guaranteed at the in-park locations. Some specialty items (for instance, the Nitro Cold Brew) are not offered at in-park locations or the Marketplace at Disney Springs. In addition to the drinks, each location serves a limited selection of food offerings. For in-park locations, many of the food offerings are specialty options (such as Disney-themed cupcakes), although you will find some more standard Starbucks food (for instance, breakfast sandwiches in the morning). Items do vary by location.

What are their hours?

In-park locations are open during park hours, including Extra Magic Hours. Disney Springs locations are usually open from around 8 a.m. to midnight.

Is Mobile Ordering available?

Yes and no — mobile ordering is not available at the theme park locations, but you can do mobile ordering at both Disney Springs locations.

Can I pay through the Starbucks app?

Yes, you can pay through the app at all locations.

At the Disney Springs locations, there are often special drinks made up for different occasions.

What about paying with a Starbucks gift card?

Yes, Starbucks gift cards are accepted at all locations.

Is the Disney Dining Plan accepted?

Restrictions vary, but there are a variety of options available for a snack credit.

Starbucks at Disney Springs West Side is your best full-service location

Can I pay with my MagicBand?

Yes, you may use your MagicBand (with linked credit card) as a payment method at all park and Disney Springs locations.

Can I use my rewards points?

Yes and no — for the in-park locations, you may not redeem rewards points. You may redeem rewards points at both Disney Springs locations, however.

Can I earn rewards on my purchase?

Yes, you can use the Starbucks app to earn rewards at all locations.

Is seating available?

This varies by location. For Magic Kingdom, there is no seating within the location, so you will sometimes see people with their drinks out on a curb on Main Street. Trolley Car Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios does not have seating indoors, but people will sit along the curb outside or in the seating area for Starring Rolls. Fountain View at Epcot has a VERY limited number of outdoor tables. Creature Comfort at Animal Kingdom doesn’t have indoor seating, but there are some places to sit just outside the exit (but not tables). The Marketplace location at Disney Springs is mostly a walk-up window, with no seating. The West Side location at Disney Springs is what you’d picture for a typical full-service Starbucks with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

What merchandise is available?

A small selection of mugs and cups, including the popular You Are Here/Been There mugs are available for sale. Each theme park has their own “You Are Here/Been There” design, and Disney Springs also offers the Orlando and Florida versions.

With Disney making the switch away from disposable straws and lids, how has this impacted Starbucks?

Although many Disney quick service locations are not offering lids with your beverages, Starbucks beverages still come with lids. Straws have recently changed to waxed paper straws, which I’ve found hold up remarkably well unless you tend to gnaw on straws. As of this weekend, plastic straws were used at the Disney Springs locations, however.

Can I just stop in and get a cup of ice water?

Sure! The wait may be long, however. At some locations (such as the Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios locations), I’ve seen cups and self-serve water available.

What’s so special about the West Side location?

At this location, which is more of what you’d expect from a Starbucks location, there is also the Clover Bar serving a selection of special reserve coffees. There’s also an interactive screen that you can draw on. Basically, if you’re looking for Starbucks drinks, any of the locations will do. If you’re looking for the full Starbucks experience, the West Side location is the one to visit.

The Clover Bar at Disney Springs West Side Starbucks

Is it true that they do delivery?

One unique feature of the Disney Springs location is that they can do delivery to cast members and employees of businesses in Disney Springs. In the past, some people were able to get Starbucks to track them down for delivery, but when I asked at the Disney Springs location, they said that the service is now for people working in stores and kiosks only who can’t get away to make an order in person.

Got other questions about Starbucks? Love ’em or hate ’em in the parks? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Thanks so much! Glad there is at least almond milk! Thanks so very much for checking! 🙂

  • Do the Disney locations have almond or oat milk options? Also do they sell bananas at any of the park locations?

    • Unfortunately no oat milk, but almond milk is an option. We checked at the EPCOT location, and no bananas there either.

  • Hi, Lori — Unfortunately, no. The in-park locations don’t accept redemption (points, birthday rewards, etc.). You should be able to redeem them at the Disney Springs locations, however.

  • Can you redeem your Starbucks Birthday drink/food at any of the Starbucks in Disneyworld?

  • Hi Rachel! I don’t think any of the Disney resorts have an official Starbucks inside them. Universal’s resorts do.

  • Hi do you know if any of the Disney resorts have a Starbucks since many have undergone renovation?

  • I saw a video today that they are turning what used to be bathrooms into the new Starbucks. I personally think this is gross, I understand everything would be ripped out and remodeled but our OCD just cant…ewww.

  • Fountain View at Epcot is closed now for the big Epcot remodeling. (Along with Club Cool!) Hopefully a new Starbucks will take it’s place soon!

  • Do you know if I would be able to buy a cup of Almond Milk at the Starbucks located in the parks?

  • Great article, Julia! Do you know if any of these locations or the ones at Universal offer the sous vide egg bites? They’re such an on-the-go staple here at home that I thought it would be a wonderful thing if they had them, but menu info is scarce.

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