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Stroller Test Rolls Out at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Ever watch a parent struggling to get through a crowd with one of those gigantic Disney plastic double strollers and think to yourself that there has to be a better way? You’re not alone–from seats that get incredibly hot to their extreme bulk to the challenges cast members have trying to get the things stored (as they don’t stack together), those double strollers are a nightmare. And when it comes to comfort, the single strollers aren’t much better. This has led to everything from people buying an umbrella stroller just for their vacation to myriad stroller rental companies. Finally, it sounds like Disney is at least considering that it may be time to get with the times.

Currently at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, they’re testing out a stroller rental pilot program where you pay the exact same price for those plastic monstrosities, but you get these instead.

The Joovy Ultralight Caboose has the advantage of being able to be set up as a stroller with two full-padded seats and restraint systems or as a stroller with a padded seat and restraint and a bench seat for an older child.  During this test phase, you also have the option to include the cupholder tray at no additional charge.

A single stroller version is also available, but the double stroller is the real game changer in my view. Look at how little additional space the double (teal) takes up compared with the single (dark blue).

Cast members we talked to say that in addition to being easier to store, these units are also easier to clean. When was the last time that Disney offered such a major upgrade for no additional cost?

We’re going to be running an article next week looking at the stroller options from third-party rental sites, but we wanted to get this out here right away–even though (spoiler alert) Disney rentals cost more than third-party stroller rental companies, would having better quality strollers at the ready in the theme parks make you more willing to spend the extra not to have to lug the stroller on the bus or parking tram?

Photos: Christina Harrison

What are your thoughts on this stroller program? Would this make you more likely to rent a stroller from Disney? Is there any reason why you would think that the bulky plastic ones might be better for your family? Let us know in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Stroller Test Rolls Out at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Any chance you are near Austin, Texas?

  • We own this exact stroller model! I think it’s a good updated option to the older plastic ones. It will be interesting to see what happens. I personally don’t think the Joovy will stand up to the wear and tear like the plastic ones.

  • Our trip is in November so hopefully the old style might still be available.

  • I’m sure to be in the minority of wanting the old style. I have a very large 8yo with sensory processing disorder that needs a stroller at Disney. I was planning on getting him a double Disney stroller since that’s the only thing that can accommodate his weight/height. Not sure what I will do now. If any one has some suggestions I’d appreciate it.

    • At least for right now, it sounds like the “old style” strollers are still available upon request — it is possible that they may hold some stock back for concerns like that upon request.

    • Some of the stroller rental companies in Orlando have special needs strollers that can accomodate a older child up to 100 / 110 pounds. Just search for special needs strollers.

    • I purchased a Maclaren transport chair/stroller for $425 and used it for 2 trips to Disney for my 7 & then 8 year old and feel like I got my money’s worth and now I will sell it to recoup some of the cost. It folded easily and has a foot rest, It doesn’t come with hood. Not sure if there is a hood available. It is good for up to 110# and he was about 4’6″. I feel like it was a good investment.

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