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Test Track Concept Art Shows Stunning New Attraction

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Disney recently released concept art by General Motors for the refurbished Test Track at Epcot, and it shows a very sleek new attraction. The re-imagined version of the ride is slated to open December 6, and with this sneak peek, it looks like it will be quite fabulous. We also got some more information on exactly how the attraction is eventually going to play out.

Guests will wait in a very modern queue until it is time for them to design their SimCars.

Once guests get to the design stage, they will create their vehicles with help from Chevrolet designers. Special attention will be paid to key features: capability, efficiency, responsiveness, and power. This will be done at design kiosks, where guests will be able to create the cars they’ve always dreamed about.

Once their virtual vehicles have been completed, guests will have the chance to board a ride vehicle and test drive their designs through the ride though portion of the attraction. The cars will drive over surfaces and conditions that simulate the process that Chevy engineers use to ensure the quality of their vehicles, evaluating and scoring your SimCar based on the aforementioned four “key features.” The attraction is slated to be a “dazzling multi-sensory digital experience”.


In the post-show, guests will be able to compare their designs to a baseline version and see how they fared. Car designers (guests) will get to also create commercials using their cars. Also, guests may pose with cars on a virtual, green screen background, which can easily change up your “location” and can be sent to family and friends at home via a virtual postcard. Finally, guests will still be able to get behind the wheel of the latest model Chevy vehicles and have questions answered by product specialists.



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12 thoughts on “Test Track Concept Art Shows Stunning New Attraction

  • The concept art makes it look like there’s a lot more space than what we know there is. That’s not unusual, since that’s why it’s called “Concept”. But there won’t be as much wonderful wide-open space as the images depict, I’m pretty sure.

    The construction doesn’t involve expanding the building itself, does it? That would indeed allow for more room.

  • Sounds to me like it’s just an elaborate “pre-show” & you’ll all end up with the same ride (with perhaps just a couple of minor variations) anyway, regardless of what type of car you “design”.

  • Has there been any word of soft openings of Test Track prior to December 6th?

  • When single rider line is A walk on, i don’t want to waste time with all that pre show stuff. I hope they let people bypass all the limited customization.

    We all know the ride is on a track.

  • Will be there the week before opening!! BUMMER Can’t begin to imagine the length of lines for the ride with the new adddition.

  • I can,t wait to get there to test drive the ZR1 Corvette

  • How do you test ride your unique design with other people who have also designed their own car?

    • I was thinking the exact same thing! They must have a very limited amount of specifications for your “dream” car!

      • If I had to wager a guess, (this is purely speculation at this point, certainly not fact by any means), I would guess that each seat will have it’s own slot for a Card with the information about your specific car. Honestly though, it’s really been uncertain about how this particular aspect will come to fruition. I also do think that the specifications will be quite limited. It will be interesting to see how this does all pan out in a little less than a month!

  • So you won’t get to go fast around the track anymore? that is the best part of the ride

    • Cindi…You will still go around the loop at 65 miles per hour! 🙂

  • THANK you for this new information! I have shared it on facebook and twitter!

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