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The Jungle Book: Alive With Magic to End at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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It is time to say goodbye to The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic nighttime show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The show will end its limited engagement on September 5.

With this change, I am happy to report that the other nighttime festivities, such as the Kilimanjaro Safaris at night, Harambe Wildlife Parti, Discovery Island Carnivale, and the Tree of Life Awakening will continue to take place each night in the fall. Disney’s Animal Kingdom hours will continue to fluctuate during the fall season.

One would expect that with the ending of this show, Disney will be able to continually tweak and test Rivers of Light to prepare it for its eventual debut. More information on Rivers of Light is expected to come soon.


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15 thoughts on “The Jungle Book: Alive With Magic to End at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • I have been super excited about the changes happening at Animal Kingdom. I am waiting until everything is done, including Avatarland, before I book our trip though. I want to wait until everything is firing on all cylinders before investing the money in the trip. I’m kind of thinking Disney jumped the gun and transitioned to the nighttime attractions too soon. As a result there have been a lot of unsatisfied park guests.

    Also I did notice that next April and May AK is often closing at 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM. Maybe they will update these times but like previous commenters have said that will not give people enough time to enjoy all of the nighttime attractions.

  • Recently returned from Disney
    I really would not go out of my way to see the jungle book show. We had seats as part of a meal package and in hindsight this was a waste of money.

    The show is okay but the effort in getting to the show seats and navigating the huge crowds after the show, as well as the fact that if you attend the 9pm show you are effectively excluding yourself from the tree of life illumination show and various other park activities. the 75 minutes we waited for Jungle book would have been better used on other activities.

    The show is dancers and musicians on boats. with water projected images that were very difficult to see. It seems to be a trailer for the new Disney movie. But in my daughters opinion (she is 12) the response was that was rubbish don’t want to bother seeing the movie.

  • We’ll get to see the Jungle show on our trip, good.

  • I don’t know why everyone is complaining so much about this show. While it may not have lived up to everyone’s expectations because of River of Light, it was still a brand new nighttime edition. Disney is TRYING, they’re just not quite there yet. They’ve got the tree show and the nighttime safari now. And they’re working hard on Pandora (Avatar-land) which I believe is going to be beautiful and knock everyone’s socks off. They had some kinks on the RoL show, so they temporarily pulled it. At least they replaced it with SOMETHING. Everyone is far too quick to complain these days. I’m just happy to see new editions, and to see them trying to better the parks. Everyone try to be patient. They’re working to improve every park. Give them at least a little credit. 😉 😉 😉

  • Interesting. I’m planning to be in AK on 9/4. I wonder if this will increase what is already now predicted to be a very heavy crowd that day. It sounds like this might be something to skip anyway. . .

  • Disney sent me a survey after our July trip that was focused primarily on the Jungle Book show. The questions definitely seemed to be probing to find out what was wrong with the show…hopefully to make the new one better. I panned the JB show pretty hard while trying to make it clear that I wanted to see a better version continue on in that park.

    • I got a similar survey emailed to me. It wasn’t a horrible show, but it wasn’t great. There was too much going on, and regardless of where you were seated, the viewing wasn’t great. I hope they rectify this situation soon!

  • I am going to be MAD with Disney if there is no new nighttime entertainment for our late September trip. Its been six years since we last went and the biggest new offering still won’t be ready.

    • Yep, in the same boat. We have an early Oct trip and was planning on doing the Tiffin’s package for the night show

      • While it’s nice to be able to judge for yourself, the majority of people were disappointed with the JB Show anyway. AK has 8pm closings starting Sept 6th.

        Don’t let that upset your trip outlook- you aren’t missing much.

    • I wouldn’t be too upset… the nighttime safari and Tree of Life Awakening are great options! The rest of the entertainment available is also wonderful, especially the acrobats in Africa (be sure to catch them!). While I’m sure you’d like to be a judge of the show yourself, it was disappointing. The seating situation is horrible and cramped – and HOT in our lovely humidity. And if you have small children, they will get bored.

      Enjoy your trip!

      • When I haven’t been for six years, booked a trip 15 months ago and was looking forward to a show (Rivers of Light) that was first announced two years ago I think Disney owe their guests more than is currently being offered. I accept that Jungle Book wasn’t a great show, but something is still better than nothing?

    • We are going mid-September and it shows AK closing at 7:30… It won’t get dark until about that time, so how are we going to enjoy the night festivities??? Ok with Jungle Book ending, just home there is something when we are there.

      • I feel the same as you. After the poor reviews I don’t mind that JB will not be showing during our mid-September visit but the park is currently scheduled to close only 15 mins after sunset so I’m not sure if they will be doing the Tree of Life awakening which I’ve heard is amazing!! We have a FP to ride Kilimanjaro Safari just before sunset but the Tree of Life Awakening is still the big unknown.

      • I checked over the weekend and the hours have been extended to 9:00 for mid-September! 🙂

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