The Sights of D23 Expo 2015 – Day 2

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DSC06587D23 Expo 2015 day 2 has wrapped up and with it came a boatload of Disney theme park news and announcements. Bob Chapek took the stage for his first D23 Expo as Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and shed some light on various projects. Announcements included lands based on Star Wars, Toy Story, and Avatar, as well as new attractions like Soarin’ Around the World.

IMG_6810One of the most surprising announcements was that Disneyland’s Space Mountain will be getting a Star Wars-themed overlay later this year as part of an event called “Star Wars: Season of the Force.”

DSC06502Star Wars has a large presence at the expo this year as Disney gears up the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here you can see costumes used in the upcoming film.

DSC06479_1Speaking of Star Wars, the massive Star Wars Battle Pod arcade game is available for attendees to play inside the Disney Interactive booth. The game is displayed inside an enclosed pod on a large domed screen. Players take control of X-Wings and other vehicles to relive moments from the original Star Wars trilogy.

DSC06550The Walt Disney Archives Presents: Disneyland The Exhibit is one of the must see booths on the show floor. It’s packed with historical Disneyland artifacts like this terrifying Benjamin Franklin costume from America On Parade.

DSC06555If you want to see an even bigger head than Ben’s check out the one that was used on the previous dragon in Fantasmic!

DSC06545Keeping with the theme of heads, this display contained several of them from America Sings, which played in Disneyland from 1974 to 1988.

DSC06591More great cosplay from attendees. Here’s Merlin and Madam Mim.

DSC06463Speaking of characters, here’s Jeff Heimbuch and his friend Olly. If you see Jeff give him a hug (he’s a hell of a hugger), tell him Guy Selga sent you.

DSC06504Pixar’s booth has some great artwork and models on display but that’s not why you need to stop by there…

DSC06503…This is why. John Lasseter Hawaiian shirt collection. A Hawaiian shirt specially designed for the D23 Expo can be yours for only $99.95.

DSC06584Are you sick of hearing about Shanghai Disneyland yet? This large creature is what you will encounter in Roaring Rapids. You can see the outline of a person in the middle of the picture to get an idea of the size of this thing.

DSC06569Be sure to take a look at our other D23 Expo 2015 posts if you missed out: The Sights of D23 Expo – Day 1, and our look at the Shanghai Disneyland booth.


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4 thoughts on “The Sights of D23 Expo 2015 – Day 2

  • Shanghai peeps, don’t worry about the massive dragon. Once it cracks it’s base and they turn down all the lights and just hit it with a strobe effect, you’ll barely be able to see it.

  • I’m hoping they will include new Pixar themed attractions at Hollywood Studios…along with the Star Wars stuff. I hope they keep many of the current shows as well. They add variety and charm to the park. I just hope Hollywood Studios doesn’t become Star Wars Studios…I’m not really a Star Wars fan in the first place. Star Tours is cool, but I just hope they don’t overdo it to where you have to love Star Wars to enjoy the park.

    It seems like they are trying to shift all the Frozen stuff to Epcot. I don’t think that’s the best choice (MK would have been better) but at least it will all be in one place. I doubt they will do all the Frozen festivities at HS once it gets its big makeover, though they will probably keep the sing-a-long there.

    I’m super excited about Avatarland. It looks like it will be a stunning experience. I think people who don’t even care about Avatar will gravitate to this area and be amazed by it.

    • They also announced a Toy Story land at Hollywood Studios which looks pretty cool based off the concept art. Might be similar to the one they have at HK Disneyland.

  • What a lot of star wars stuff – which is ok if you like star wars – which I can take or leave. Hope the parks won’t be predominately star wars and frozen!


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