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Top 3 Epcot Pavilions that NEED a Remodel

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With the massive construction project ongoing at Epcot, it’s hard to imagine (pun intended) that there’s more that could use a remodel. With Spaceship Earth scheduled to go down in the future, and rumors swirling that Test Track will also be getting some TLC, why not put some other pavilions on the refurbishment wish list. Here’s our top 3 choices.

Imagination Pavilion

Journey Into Imagination

Yes, this one is a given — between a ride that still pales compared to the 1980s version and a placeholder attraction of Pixar shorts housed in the theater, there’s so much potential for something unique here. Just please leave the jumping fountains when you start bringing around the construction equipment, okay?

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Copyright 2010 Claire Nat

Although I love the queue leading up to the ride, the ride itself is a must-skip for me. It’s Epcot, and I’d like to see real fish, and the ride has very little of that. Unfortunately, sprucing up the aquarium tanks inside is likely to be a major challenge, and with the amount of money spent on the Nemo overlay, it’s likely here to stay.


Copyright 2010 Claire Nat

With updates or additions coming to Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and America, and with additions or changes made to Morocco, Italy, China, Norway, and Mexico since their opening, is there any country that hasn’t had a whole lot done with it…? Yes, Germany. Don’t get me wrong, the addition of Karamell-Küche is incredibly welcome, but I’d love to see a bit more done with this pavilion. How about an expanded quick-service location? Maybe an exhibit about the history of brewing in Germany?

Do you have other ideas for refurbishment at Epcot pavilions? Are there any currently planned refurbishments or expansions that you’re extra excited about? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “Top 3 Epcot Pavilions that NEED a Remodel

  • I think the one most in need of a remodel is the UK pavilion in World Showcase, in particular the food offerings. As a Brit I’m embarrassed that non-Brits might think the awful food there is representative of our country.

    • I think it’s adorable and is fine as it is. And the food there is on par with all food at WDW. 😉

  • -1000% for the Imagination Pavilion update! I’m “imagining” a trackless dark ride using projection mapping that has Figment teaching us about art and creativity.
    -The interior of The Seas pavilion feels very dated, and the Nemo ride (to me) feels like the weakest Nemo ride in all of the Disney Parks. If I could, I would refresh the interior/layout and keep the Nemo theme, but perhaps replace the ride with the more thrilling Nemo SeaRider simulator attraction found at Tokyo DisneySeas.
    -Next to the Mexico Pavilion, there’s an unused mini expansion plot leftover from the Norway “Frozen” expansion. I say in order for the Coco ride to happen, they’ll have to take some space away from the track layout near the very end of the ride to expand the queue, and reallocate that space to an expanded building behind Norway.
    -Expand Germany east partially into the adjacent expansion plot, just like how the France expansion was done. New attraction concept: water ride based on Tangled, through the lantern festival.
    -*Morocco expansion! WHAAAT?? Hear me out: 1-Epcot needs more rides for crowd control; 2-There’s space to move Flying Carpets of Aladdin from MK to the small plot of plan directly west of Morocco (beside the France expansion); 3-that ride thematically fits better in Morocco than in Adventureland. If you’ve seen the Tokyo DisneySeas version, called Jasmine’s Flying Carpets, it has some nice water features and topiaries that gives it more curb appeal. Plus it would offer some cute aerial views of World Showcase Lagoon while riding it! “I can show you the world…”

    (I’ve thought about this for a while! lol)

  • A quick service Poutine stand in the Canada Pavilion.

  • There could be more places inside to rest in the hot days

    • Same is true for the rest of Epcot! Our favorite on hot Epcot days used to be the 20-minute Universe of Energy ride/show. As Florida continues to get hotter (thanks climate change) Disney will really need to amp up the amount indoor seating/rest areas to keep people from getting sick/tired. Makes sense from a profit standpoint as well, since people will jave a place to relax in the park instead of being forces to retreat back to their resort.

    • yes, one thing epcot and all of disney is severely lacking in is shady places to sit. food and wine was a joke, nowhere in the shade to eat what you just purchased, and forget actual places to sit. we wound up on a planter. the canopies around the current pin central are needed in more places. they have a small footprint but provide a huge service. a little shade goes a very long way (looking at you, toy story land…)

  • You scared me when you mentioned Germany pavilion! I love it so very much. You do bring up a great suggestion though, an expanded quick service booth along with better outdoor seating for eating is very much in need.

  • i actually liked the nemo overlay when it was done. i never had any issues with it. the technology with the crush show was cool when it first started, but at times it already seems dated, just with the way technology is constantly changing.

    more food and drink at germany would never be a bad thing, thought the overall feel of the pavilion makes it one of my favorites. and leave the train set alone!

    idea for Figment: if they won’t bring back the original ride, perhaps an overhaul to the pavilion so we can get the best of Figment, coupled with- stay with me- the MUPPETS! it’s so clear they are trying to elbow Muppet Vision out of hollywood studios. but let’s take the show, give it the digital upgrade the film needs without changing the film, and make a permanent home at the theater next to imagination, and while we’re at it, recreate the muppet theater that “grand avenue” renovation at HS destroyed. at the same time, incorporate the Muppets and Figment together in the ride! let’s even go a step further and have Muppet meet and greets in image works! the muppets are a severely neglected property… aside from the reboot of muppet babies, the young generations don’t know them. let’s use the muppets or muppet babies here somehow. shoot, the entire premise of muppet babies is using their imaginations!

    • More Muppets anywhere at Disney would be a good thing!

      • 100% agree! removing the great moments in history show was a big blow. they needed a live show like that in each park!!

  • Mexico. T3C out, Coco in. Easy.

    • I’d like that as well, but they’d need to do a MASSIVE addition to the show building to accommodate a new queue. Fine with me–I think the Mexico Pavilion is one of the best but is far to small in general for the crowds that gather there today. It’s just a much bigger project then a simple ride refurb, unfortunately.

      • I’m not sure I agree. It’s not a huge immersive ride, and lines were generally nonexistent for both the original story and the 3C overlay. A Coco overlay might generate a line for the first few weeks, but Coco doesn’t have the cult following of, say, Frozen.

        Since the current ride is already about the Day of the Dead, a Coco overlay would be minimal — just some new animation for the screens, a new soundtrack featuring “Remember Me,” and a Coco animatronic. And it would be far more culturally Mexican than T3C — which, with Jose Carioca, would be right at home in the *cough* Brazil Showcase.

        Iger’s all about cutting costs and inserting IPs. This would be inexpensive and feature a newer IP, and I’m actually surprised he hasn’t done it already.

  • I’ve gotten a lot of good tips out of the Unofficial Guide over the years, but one of my favourites is to enter the Seas by the “back” door (which leads into the gift shop) if you want to see the aquarium but skip the ride. I’ve done this several times and am always happy to skip the Nemo ride.

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