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Top 3 Epcot Future World Photo Ops to Get NOW!

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With the massive changes coming to Future World in Epcot this fall, some tried-and-true photo ops will be meeting the bulldozer sooner rather than later. Whether you’re looking for the perfect last-minute selfie or want to take some pics for the sake of historical record, here’s three photo ops that you’re going to want to take now, because they’re going away soon.

1. Fountain of Nations

I used to say that if there was an advanced civilization somewhere and they didn’t have a massive dancing fountain at the center of their city, I wouldn’t be able to take them seriously as advanced. To me, between the story of how the Epcot fountain was blessed with water from special and sacred rivers from around the world to the majesty of its dancing performances, this rates high in my Top 10 Epcot Features — well above most Epcot rides, even! I’ve seen marriage proposals in front of the fountain, watched people practically jump out of their skin when the water cannons fire, and see people who happened to pick the wrong side to walk on during a breezy day. This iconic experience should be part of your Epcot photo tour.

2. Club Cool

Whether you’re a photo person or a video person, if there’s someone you haven’t taken to get a Beverly reaction picture, now’s the time to do it. The bitter taste of Beverly is absolutely not what people expect when you say “Here, try this soda.” It does make for VERY amusing photos, however. And although we’ve heard Club Cool will be back, will Beverly?

3. Fiber Optic Sidewalks of Future World

I’ve wondered if Disney would be so kind as to let me take all the bits and pieces of the fiber optic sidewalk panels home to install at my house. From the yellow twinkling “starlight” that you walk across on your way out at the end of the park day to the hidden, colorful mandalas that kids and adults still stop and gawk at when they see them, these treasures are a beautiful sight to end the night at Epcot. If you haven’t stopped to see them, now’s your chance–no word if they will be returning Epcot after the construction dust settles.

Are any of these must-do photo ops for you at Epcot? Let us know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Top 3 Epcot Future World Photo Ops to Get NOW!

  • Noo! I knew about the Fountain of Nations, and that was bad enough. I’ve never been at Epcot after dark (kids!) and will finally get the chance in November. The fiber optic sidewalks are one of the things I most wanted to see.

  • Agree with all 3 of these. I have some video of my family “conducting” the fountains using the force jedi-style in sync with the music. I hope the fountains get a worthy replacement.

    Club cool and the Beverly are always must-dos and a rite of passage lol.

  • I will miss 1 and 3. Wish they would rebuid the fountain near Seas and put fiber optics in the sidewalks leading to the exits after illuminations replacement.

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