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Top 3 Epcot Storytellers You Need to See

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Christmas has come and gone, but the holiday crowds are still in full force at Walt Disney World. One great way to have an enjoyable experience in Epcot is to skip the lines and spend some of your day watching the storytellers around World Showcase. Although all of them are wonderful to watch and learn a bit about how winter holidays are celebrated around the world, we’re giving our top three picks for the ones you absolutely don’t want to miss before their performances end on December 30.

Italy: La Befana

Befana, the Italian Christmas Witch

No, it’s not a case of when two holidays collide–this witch actually is a Christmas witch. Over in the Italy pavilion, La Befana is a captivating storyteller, telling her tale about why she gives gifts to children on the eve of Epiphany. She is certain to bring enchantment to all who stop to watch her tale.

China: Lion Dancers

If you haven’t seen lion dancers perform, it’s a real treat. Colorful, energetic, and always a crowd favorite, these dancers put on quite a show. It also provides a unique experience among the holiday storytellers, and will bring you luck into the new year!

Norway: A Mischievous, Magical Barn Santa

Although the name has changed, and the new show makes a distinction between Julnissen and Fjøsnissen, Sigrid is still around to tell all about how a mischievous “Barn Santa” helps people in Scandinavian countries experience holiday cheer. Watching this Nisse up to his tricks is amusing for adults and kids alike. As a bonus, this advertisement for butter from Norway may be one of my favorite holiday commercials because of seeing the storytellers in Norway over the years, showing that humor can go beyond language barriers.

Do you have a favorite storyteller? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I’m partial to the Daruma doll vendor in Japan. Besides the quality of the storytelling, the streetmosphere space in the Japan pavilion (in front of the pagoda where Matsuriza perform) seems more conducive than average to just wandering up and starting to listen.

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