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TouringPlans Wants to Know… (YouTube Edition)

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In an effort to make sure that we provide the best content for you, we’re constantly re-evaluating our myriad offerings. Today, we’d like to talk to you about YouTube and our TouringPlans YouTube channel.

1. Do you watch any Disney (official or unofficial) YouTube channels?

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2. Do you consider yourself a viewer of the TouringPlans YouTube channel?

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3. What are your favorite types of videos to watch on any Disney-themed YouTube channels (select all that apply).

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4. If TouringPlans moved from YouTube to another online source for their videos, would you be more or less likely to watch?

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Thank you for your feedback on this, and feel free to leave any comments you have below to help us provide what you’re looking for in quality Disney theme park information and experiences.

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Julia Mascardo

Former writer, editor, and social media manager of TouringPlans. Embarking on new adventures with husband, kid, and cats.

13 thoughts on “TouringPlans Wants to Know… (YouTube Edition)

  • If you are considering moving videos to a paid site or Instagram, I will not follow.

  • My favorite touring plans videos are the rope drop testing ones. Seeing how long you’ll have to wait based on what time you get in line.

  • I love rope drop/touring videos and walkthroughs.

    I also love watching pack with me and what I bought at Disney type videos.

    My least favorite types of videos are news updates.

  • I really enjoy the videos where the team test wait times, the map videos, and anything with data to geek out on. I watch these using YouTube on my tv. I also enjoy the Instagram question videos.

    Thanks and keep them coming.

  • More Maps with Brian.

  • Tips and tricks videos, and special event focused videos (like Very Merry Party) that are updated yearly with best things to do/avoid.

  • Another vote for the rope drop and tips/tricks videos. As an occasional viewer, those are the ones I’m definitely most likely to watch.

  • I have definitely loved rope drop videos where you show us what the best options are for morning touring!

  • I also most enjoy the videos that give touring information and advice. I appreciate the RD and map videos. I also really liked the videos that have mutiple TP staff attempting rides at different times or in various orders to determine what worked best. Thanks for all your hard work that helps us plan better trips!

  • I second (or third) the want for more rope drop videos and what to expect the rest of the day when different attractions are seen first like Brian’s “Which ride to ride first at Epcot” video last year.

    While not asked, the videos I’d like to see the least are news videos. By the time a news video is made, I will have read about it already, most often on Touringplans or other sites.

  • I would like tips and tricks videos. Example tips for your first trip, things to do to avoid crowds ect.

  • I am all about the different types of rope drop videos. (MK w/group, MK EMM, AK FOP, AK FOP EMH, EPCOT w/group all with the latest transportation and gate procedure info.

    Second fav series are the map videos with the latest entry procedures.

    • Me too!

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