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A Trip Around The World: Canada

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This is it! The grand finale we’ve all been waiting for, Canada! I have to tell you guys I’m a little sad to see it end, but I’m so excited to show you the Canada pavilion! If you haven’t been able to join us until now, why not take a look at Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, ItalyAmericaJapanMoroccoFrance, and the United Kingdom? You can take a world tour and still be home in time for dinner! (Anyone who caught that obscure Muppets reference, please leave a comment. We should really be best friends.)


I always like to start with a wide shot of the land, but if you were leaving the United Kingdom and heading towards Canada, the view wouldn’t be quite so glamorous. You’d come to the park entrance to the old Millennium Village. This area hasn’t been open to the average guest since 2001, and it’s now used mostly for convention space and private events. The photo below gives you a peek at what it looks like inside today.


In the photo below you’ll see a large gate on the left. Behind that gate is the entrance to Millennium Village. To the left of this gate is a cart with merchandise for the UK. On the right is Espresso Coffee & Pastries, which I find a little bit confusing. The morning I was there, it wasn’t open before 11am. I wonder if people wondering through in the afternoons really want coffee that much? It seems like all the unique food offerings in the different countries would be far more tempting.


Continuing on towards Canada the first thing you’ll see is the Off Kilter stage. This is a fun, loud group that you should make time for on your next visit. The seating is limited, but there is a ton of standing room, and you can hear them from really far away! If you’d like a seat, plan to get there 20 minutes early to be safe.


Moving past the Off Kilter stage, you’ll come across one of the most fun photo opps in the park. Everyone should have a picture of herself poking her head through this thing! In the background you’ll see the Hotel Du Canada, which is modeled after Chateau Laurier in Ottawa.


Moving past the photo opp and beyond the stairs, you’ll see this outdoor cart selling some limited merchandise from the Canadian pavilion.


But let’s take a few steps back and look up that staircase. The Canada pavilion unites a lot of different structures! When you first head up the stairs, you will see a Native Indian Village, but on the right you can see just a bit of Hotel Du Canada sneaking into frame.


Up the stairs and on the left, the first thing you’ll come to is the Northwest Mercantile. The building looks like a cabin on a snowy mountain peak somewhere. Attached to the building are all the things you’d need for an outdoor expedition.


However, inside things are more pedestrian. Most of what I found were clothing items that either said “Canada” or had bears on them. There were also some interesting looking snacks and some Christmas decorations that were unique to the pavilion.


Next door on the right is the Trading Post. The outside of this building is amazing, with intricate paintings and even totem poles (pictured below).


Here is what the shop looks like inside. I can remember when this store used to boast some unique items, but now it is mostly plush. There were also some goofy hats and snacks. Check out the decor inside this shop, though. The paintings are gorgeous!


When you step outside you’ll see this totem pole. I purposely left a person in frame in the background so you can get an idea of how large these are. They are huge and impressive!


Past the Indian Village is a small staircase that will lead you to the below pathway. I did a great deal of reading and found conflicting information on which city this is supposed to be modeled after. However, it’s clear this is the French side of Canada. While this is a lovely and photogenic walkway, the doors don’t open, so it’s all just for show.


Here is another view down the same little path through Canada. It really is a lovely spot. This would be a great spot for some family photos. It’s worth mentioning that this area did once contain stores, but they have been closed for awhile and now just hold offices and storage.


Below is a close up image of the plaque on Hotel Du Canada. The building is pictured several times in this piece, but I want to show this neat sign up close. The Canadian National Hotels Group owns the Chateau Laurier, which inspired the building.


Once you walk through this French pathway, you’ll come to the below sign. Before you reach it, you’d never guess what the staircase looks like! So take a look at this sign and remember the civilized city street you just passed through.


And then you descend down this staircase and into the Rocky Mountains! It really feels like a completely different world after just walking a few feet.


At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find O Canada! a 360 degree movie starring Martin Short. I was surprised how busy this film was around noon. I’m guessing it’s because Canada is the first country when guests start the world showcase in this direction. I’ve never seen a crowd for it later in the day, so it would be better to head there after lunch.


Here is what the indoor waiting area for the movie looks like. The films doesn’t provide any seating, so keep that in mind that your legs won’t get a break. (Except for this lovely waiting area with ample seating.)


Leaving O Canada! and heading to the other side of the pavilion you’ll be faced with this narrow bridge. It’s quite long and can be tight with two way traffic, but it’s such a neat perspective that you have to check it out! The morning I was there a group of kids was just running back and forth across this bridge, proclaiming it was the coolest thing they’d ever seen.


Even better, the below waterfall actually empties into the stream beside the bridge. It was a tough (and wet) angle to really show what that looked like on the bridge. You’ll have to check it out on your next visit! (Or I can go back and get some GoPro video to add. Let me know if anyone is interested.)


On the other side of the bridge, you emerge from the Rocky Mountains into the Victoria Gardens. These gardens were inspired by the Butchart Gardens in British Columbia. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Butchart, and I can tell you the real thing is a million times better! (Which says something, because this display is amazing!)


Also in the area is the infamous Le Cellier Steakhouse. Personally, I haven’t eaten here in quite awhile just because reservations are so hard to get. The cheddar cheese soup is to die for, but I’ve been able to get my fill during Food & Wine Festival. The day I visited for photos, there was a woman desperately trying to add an extra person to her reservation. It’s a good restaurant, but I tend to not try this hard for food.


Here is a look inside the dining room. It’s lovely in there, and I do miss the pillowy, soft pretzel bread they bring to the table at the start of every meal. A meal at Le Cellier makes you forget that you’re mere feet away from a bustling world of tourists. It’s a great meal if you can get it! 🙂


Walking out of Le Cellier and out of the gardens, you emerge back on the World Showcase Lagoon with this lovely view behind you. Even if you don’t dine at Le Cellier, be sure that you walk through that arch to see the beautiful gardens and find that little path through the Rockies to O Canada! Even if you don’t stop for the show, it’s a fun path to explore.


Below is the view walking away from Canada. From here you can see three of the four unique landscapes we’ve explored. It is pretty amazing now much the Imagineers fit into this space!


If you head past the gardens and continue towards the World Showcase entrance, you’ll come across a DVC booth, but I just couldn’t end the series with that! So instead take a look at the beautiful photo below and remember that Flower & Garden Festival is here, and there’s lots more beauty to share from around the World Showcase. 🙂


With that we’ve come to the end of this series. Thanks so much to each and every one of you who has visited and spent some time with me. I’ve had so much fun sharing this with you! Do you have any ideas of what you’d like to see next? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I can’t wait to find my next adventure with you guys! Until then – thanks for reading! 

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33 thoughts on “A Trip Around The World: Canada

  • Loved this series!! Maybe you could do one at each land in MK. And a tour of HS & AK!! 🙂

  • I loved this series. Hopefully there will be more like this in the future.

  • The narrow bridge through the rocks reminds me of Johnston Canyon trail in Banff National Park.

    • Hey Catherine – I had to Google that one but I totally see it! Thanks for reading and sharing some neat info I never would have known otherwise!

  • The coffee station is a nice one, and I think you can get a few alcoholic items too. And it’s not really all that busy. So, if you’ve been to EPCOT plenty of times, and you just want an afternoon coffee, there’s the place.

    Also, off kilter is a great place to just hang out on a nice day. Depending on your distance to the stage the volume level can be “controlled” by yourself. If you have a scooter, cane with a seat, or a “hunting stool” you can make your own seat. These are useful items for making seats at parades and other attractions that are missing seats: i.e. waiting areas for any show (you’re usually waiting in one place, why not break out a seat), sitting in the O Canada show (although that will usually take away from the views.

  • The coffee stand is rarely visited. But it’s REAL drip coffee as well as nice enough espresso and related drinks (like cappuccino);

    So, put a pin in it! If you have a coffee craving in EPCOT, and are near the “back of the park”, then go for it.

    Also, it’s good alcoholic coffee drinks from there too I think.

    • Hey Ron! I wonder how long it will be until the Starbucks Monster takes it over. Thanks for the info – great comment! 🙂

  • Daisy, are we traveling by map? I loved the Muppets reference. 🙂

    Also, I have really enjoyed your series.

    • You don’t know how much a resist putting Muppets references in everything all the time. 😉 Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!

  • One item missing from this review is the location of Canada’s Kidcot station. It’s located at the exit of the Canada 360 Film. But you don’t need to see the film to visit Kidcot, you can walk through the gardens, past Le Cellier toward the back of the film and enjoy some Kidcot fun. The area is quiet and in the shade, so a nice break on a hot day.

    • Hey JS – you caught me! It was so sunny when I was there that the kidcot station just looked like a black hole with all that glorious shade. But you’re right – it’s a great place to get out of the sun. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  • I loved this series… what about doing a series of all the E ticket pre-shows/line fun? with fastpass and single rider options I know I’ve missed some fun things that Disney has done to make wait times enjoyable… Just a thought.

    • Ohhh – Melissa, I totally love this idea! I could even do full tributes to rides complete with ride throughs. Thank you so much. You can bet I’ll be taking your idea!

  • Wow, thank you so much for that final and all your hard work and passion presenting us all the amazing World Showcase countries! Love it so much and I’m sad too, that it’ll end here. I really love everything you do and can’t wait to discover more of your wonderful stories and stuff soon. Where do you get all your “background” information from? Thank you for everything and hope to “read you soon” 🙂

    • Thanks, Vanessa!! 🙂 You don’t know how much I appreciate you! For “background” I try to make sure anything I put in an article I’ve been able to verify by 2 sources. There’s so much wrong info out there about Disney. Other than that I’ve had an annual pass since I could walk and now I’m 30 something. So lots and lots of hours in the parks. And here’s to many more hours and lots more good stuff to share with you guys! 😉

      • Wow! Thank you so much for your nice and kind words Daisy! Awesome to see, that we’ve almost the same age, sadly I have / had never the opportunity to be an annual pass holder or to be at the parks since my early childhood. I really love to get all the “insider” information about Disney. Thanks for your amazing job bringing it to us! 🙂

      • Aw, thanks Vanessa! Let me know anything you’d like to see. I get my best ideas from the awesome people that are nice enough to stop by here and spend a little time with me.

  • What about some posts about the places that inspired the World Showcase designs? Building off of this post, you could write some history of Chateau Laurier and show some pictures comparing the two. I always love learning some of the background info.

    • I always thought Hotel Du Canada was modeled after Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, which I’ve visited. Now I think it’s a combination of both the Frontenac and the Laurier.

      • Hi Sarah & Amanda! Thanks so much for your comments. I’m not sure the site owner would go for design ideas… we’re fairly Disney focused. I’ll put the idea in the hopper, though! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Great series! For your next one, how about a tour through the two Innoventions pavilions showing everything that is in there?

      • I agree – great idea Bryan! You can look for that soon. 🙂 And thanks for the vote / comment Jasper!

  • Thanks so much for this series. I loved all the articles and the photos; the attention to detail was great. I will definitely spend more time just exploring World Showcase next time I’m in Epcot!

    • Hi Doug! Thank you so much for reading and for the compliment. I had so much fun doing this series! 🙂

  • I spent most of yesterday with the song from the O’ Canada! film stuck in my head for some reason. Maybe because this article was on the way!
    The rocky pathway and waterfall in the Canadian pavilion is one of the memories I have from my very first visit to Epcot back in (83?84?)
    That waiting area for the movie is always a welcome respite when it is sunny/hot out.

    • Yay, Daffy! You made it all the way to the end – glad you’re still reading. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this series! I looked forward to each and every post, and it made my day each time I was able to “linger” around World Showcase through your photos. Great job!

    • Thanks, Jamie. I’m so glad you had a good time. I promise I had more fun bringing it to you! 😉

    • Thanks, Maureen! I’m always working on my photos – I really appreciate the compliment.

  • Wonderful overview of my favourite place in Epcot (as it’s also my favourite place to live!). I just wanted to mention that up in Canada we don’t use ‘Indian’ as it is politically incorrect. I’m unsure if Disney refers to this area like that, I would hope they would use First Nation or Aboriginal. Feel free to remove this comment if you make a correction! Have a lovely day, eh!

    • Hi Laura – yikes! I had no idea! Sorry about that! I don’t think I’m going to make updates just yet but thanks for the FYI. If it causes a problem I’ll put in the work to change it. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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