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A Trip Around The World: Italy

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Ciao and welcome to Italy! Can you believe we’ve already been to Mexico, Norway, China, and Germany? We’re almost halfway through our tour, and the scenery just keep getting more beautiful! Today, we start with a very wide angle view showing the pavilion that is modeled mostly after Venice, more specifically Saint Mark’s Square. The first building on the left is Palazzo Ducale.


On the right hand side when entering this land you can see gondolas, rivers, and bridges. These make a lovely photo spot during the day and an incredible spot for the fireworks at night, if you can swing it.


Here is the view on top of one of the bridges. As you can see, IllumiNations would look amazing from here!


Here is a close up look at just one of the incredible details up high on the Palazzo Ducale building. It’s just covered with ornate details!


Closer to the ground, here is what it looks like actually entering the building. There were so many details that I wanted to include individually, but I would have had 100 photos! Look closely and notice the kings in the columns and the detailed handles on the doors.


You will smell the inside of this building before you actually see it. There are several perfumes and colognes for sale in this shop, and while it isn’t as strong as Norway, you certainly know it’s there! There are also leather goods, clothing, glass, and other local gifts in this shop. However, the next room over houses what Italy is best known for!


One picture couldn’t possibly do justice to the masks on display in the second room of this shop. They’re ornate and beautiful, in different colors and sizes! This is a room I go to almost every time I visit just to see what’s new.


Just outside the shop I found this sign. I Googled the Italian words on it, and – ironically – all results returned where about a shop in Epcot! Google Translate says it means, “An Elegant Gem.” That seems fitting, as this is really a special shop!


As you exit you will enter this gorgeous little walkway heading back towards the main section of Italy. It’s just a dead end, but it is so lovely! Doesn’t this look like a postcard?


When you’ve exited the gift shop and entered back into the main square, this is the great, open courtyard you’ll see. The raised area is used for various performances throughout the day. From this area if you continue forward, everything in front of you will be restaurants. Italy has great food.. in a way I guess it’s the pavilion’s “attraction”!


The sign below is your first indication that you’ve entered the dining section of Italy! The wine bar (Tutto Gusto) was just opened in mid-2012 when Tutto Italia was finishing up renovations.


Below is the entrance to Tutto Italia, which is absolutely to die for! If I weren’t such a sucker for Chinese food, this would likely be my favorite spot around World Showcase.


Just next door is Tutto Gusto, which has its own menu and a very large wine list! It has been a long time since I’ve tried this one; I liked Tutto Italia better and didn’t go back. Has anyone tried it recently? If so, would you share your experiences with us in the comments below?


Next on the tour is Via Napoli and its amazing pizza! On crowded days there is sometimes a window where you can order carry out pizza, but it isn’t the same quality as in the dining room. It isn’t bad… but if you are able to dine in, you certainly should. Additional seating for the restaurant wraps around the remainder of the courtyard. (It also shows how busy the parks have been; even getting there first thing in the morning I have strollers in my photos!)


Below is a carving found above the entrance of Via Napoli. If anyone knows the significance of this, I’d love it if you’d share it in the comments. Nobody I asked was able to share, and I haven’t been able to find anything online. Maybe it is just pretty?


Just inside the door you can find this bright, beautiful chandelier! I have been trying to keep away from featuring all the dining rooms because it would be easy to get carried away, but I had to include this beauty!


Exiting the restaurant and continuing on the right side of the pavilion, you’ll come upon Neptune’s Fountain. This time of year it doesn’t look so impressive, but in the spring with flowers blooming all around, it’s lovely!


Also, seasonally, you’ll find this little guy in the town square. This is actually a food cart used to sell different food and beverage items. It currently houses dessert waffles, Italian wines, and liquors. At different times of the year, sometimes you’ll see the donkey cart get pulled out by the World Showcase Lagoon, trying to catch passing guests. He has quite an interesting history if you haven’t read up on him before!


Just next to where the donkey is currently residing is a little garden with this beautiful angel statue. I couldn’t find any information at all on her. Does anyone know her story?


Ironically, the angel is almost pointing at the Kidcot Fun Stop in Italy. Everyone has seen the Kidcot signs a million times, but inside this one are more beautiful masks. I can’t believe they stay so pretty being hung outside!


Just past the Kidcot station is the cool shop below. It sells home goods and authentic Italian snacks.


While in the shop I noticed the below Donald swag. I hadn’t seen these before! There were prints, dish towels, aprons, and magnets. Aren’t these the cutest? It’s so seldom you find anything unique from Disney anymore, so I was thrilled to see these.


Just next door is a wine shop and bar. There is an impressive selection available for tasting!


Here is the view of just a few of the shelves. It is a very small shop, but there is a lot of great stuff hidden in here!


Below is the sign for the wine shop. In the background you can also see the Bell Tower of Saint Mark.


The shop name is also painted on the side of the building when entering from the World Showcase. Enoteca translates to “wine repository,” which I suppose is fitting, but I still prefer the exotic word on the wall!


As you are heading out of the land, take a look up at the two large columns marking the entrance.  Hopefully it won’t be quite as sunny for you as it was for me!) The first photo below is the figure on top of one of those columns, Saint Theodore.


On top of the other column is Saint Mark’s Lion. He’s a bit hard to see so far up there!


Below is the last view you will see as you are leaving Italy. This is one last pretty garden before you head off to America! You can also see in the background a station for Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.


And with that we’ve finished another stop on our world tour. Did this make you want to visit Italy, or just make you hungry? 🙂 Did I miss a great detail that you’ve noticed? Did you see something you hadn’t noticed before? Please let us know in the comments below. I always love hearing from you! I hope you enjoyed and you’ll be back to tour America with me on our next installment!

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20 thoughts on “A Trip Around The World: Italy

  • Wow. Wow. Wow! I like your post so much. I like to visit Italy even more when I saw your pics. It is indeed wonderful if we can visit Italy.

  • Hi all! I have had the good fortune to have visited the Italy Showcase several times and each time there have been dancers and singers, and actors and clowns, all strutting their stuff about the Main Square and inviting visitors to join them in their songs and dances and games.

    These festivities are scheduled on specific times of the day, and days of the week. And they are always best enjoyed with a cold shot glass of lemoncello from the Enoteca Costello.

    Ah,the memories of my first taste of lemoncello! Thanks, Daisey!

  • According to some web-board posts, the horse head detail above Via Napoli is probably a nod to the coat of arms of the Province of Naples, which has a rearing stallion.

    • Hey Nancy! Cool = I never would have found that. Thanks for sharing!

  • It’s interesting that you would say that Neptune’s Fountain is not as impressive without flowers blooming around it. I’ve always felt that statuary should be judged on its own merits, not what surrounds it. Given that criteria, I find the fountain plenty impressive any time of year 😀

    • Hey Lee – I think I’m just spoiled! I realized that starting this in the winter wasn’t as pretty as it could have been. (And yes, I use the term “winter” loosely ;))

  • The Neptune fountain is a really small version of the roman fountain de trevi which has the legend that if you put money in it you will come back to Rome.

    • Hey Jen – I didn’t know the legend! Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for the great review and pictures. I’m glad I’m going back at the end of March! I had appetizers and wine at Tuto Gusto in April and a full dinner in early December. In December Tuto Italia was full and there was over an hour wait for two guests at Napoli, but NO WAIT at TG. It’s worth checking if you find yourself in Italy with no reservations. As other have stated, the menu was the same as TI and I believe a better atmosphere. The bonus was that thew server really knew his wines and helped with the pairing. TG is highly recommended from this WDW/DLR veteran.

    • Hey Mike – I’m sold, I need to try it again. I think I was just there when they were first opening and I wasn’t impressed. Maybe I need to blog a review! 😉

  • On our trip in 2012, we pooled our souvenir and spa money together and purchased two of the Italian masks. They have held up nicely and look amazing in our home!!! I love the Italy pavilion and all of the world showcase!!!

    • Hi Kyle – Oh I’m jealous! I might have to get one of those eventually… good to know they held up. 🙂

  • I am LOVING this tour around World Showcase. I hope you are having as much fun writing about this as I am reading and looking at the pictures!

    • Hi CJ- I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I am loving writing this one.. but I love writing all of them! Doing this for you guys is the best hobby ever! 🙂

  • I don’t know many details about the angel, but I do know that it is a replica of the angel that is on top of the tower. Don’t know the significance though.

    • Hi Kate – you know more than I could find! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • The entire Tutto Italia menu is available at Tutto Gusto! Just ask! It’s a beautiful atmosphere for some wine and your favorite app or entree from the main restaurant!

    • Hey Kelly! I knew the full menu was offered I was there last year but I wasn’t sure if that was still the case. Great tip and thanks for sharing!

  • So glad to see this feature back!
    I have to admit that I have rarely spent time in the Italy pavilion because of where it is located and its lack of a ride or show.
    Having been to the real life Venice and St. Marks Square, this reproduction is pleasing, but not nearly as impressive. The statuary and detail are excellent, though.
    One of these days I will visit EPCOT and skip future world in favor of a more complete tour of World Showcase’s pavilions.

    • Hey Daffy! Sorry these have gotten slow! I have my photos for USA so that should be in this week. 🙂 And may I suggest you do your “world tour” during Food & Wine Festival?


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