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A Trip Around The World: Morocco

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Welcome to our grand tour of Morocco in Epcot’s World Showcase! I can’t believe we’ve already visited Mexico, Norway, ChinaGermany, Italy, America, and Japan! I will start off by saying Morocco was the most fun to research. It isn’t a land I really spend a lot of time in, and I loved stopping to really take a look around. I can’t wait to show you what I discovered! Let’s start with a nice scenic shot from the World Showcase Lagoon. The white building on the water is the new Spice Road Table restaurant!


When you first enter Morocco from Japan, you’ll see this beautiful sign. I can’t think of another land that has something so beautiful with the name of their country (or kingdom)! Maybe that’s because King Hassan II was actually involved with the creation of the pavilion. The government also sponsors the land rather than allowing corporate sponsors.


Next is the small stage where you can catch Mo’Rockin. This is a fun group that plays rock and roll music with an Arabian beat. Plus there’s a belly dancer! Sorry guys – I was there too early in the day to get those photos for you! 😉


If you keep moving on, you’ll see Moroccan Style. This is a neat display that talks about Moroccan life and culture. It’s a small building but worth a few minutes to look through. When you walk through the doors below, they don’t look too special. But when you look at the light streaming through the glass doors once you get inside, it’s beautiful!


This is the first display you’ll see when you walk through the doors. There’s more to see on your right and left. I didn’t include all of it, so there will be some surprises when you tour Morocco!


One last thing about this little building, though. Take a look at this amazing ceiling and the light fixtures. There are details like this through the entire land. I can’t say enough about the beauty of Morocco. I don’t know why it took me so long to slow down and take a look.


Once you exit Moroccan Style, you’ll enter the main courtyard in Morocco. To your right is Tangerine Cafe, but we’ll talk about that later. The tall tower is a reproduction of the Koutoubia Minaret in Marrakesh. It’s the largest mosque in this city.


As you enter the courtyard, you’ll see this lovely fountain and citrus trees native to Northern Africa. In the background you’ll see the arch which leads back to way more Morocco than you may have guessed was there!


Speaking of that arch – take a look at the intricate mosaic on the wall. This is a replica of Bab Boujeloud. It was painstakingly constructed by Moroccan craftsmen much like many of the details throughout this pavilion.


Once you pass through this archway you enter the bazaar. Now – I should pause here to tell you if I ever go to the real Morocco, I may never find my way out! I got so turned around back in this area… but I was also enchanted! There was something so magical about wondering around on a quiet morning and really getting lost!


I took tons of photos like the one below. There are several pretty little shops all hidden in the walkways. They sell beautiful clothing, jewelry, ceramics, vases, rugs, lanterns, rose water, fez hats, and lots more. They look similar, so I’m not including several of the images, but I encourage you to go looking for all these shopping spots!


All the tangled paths lead to this large outdoor market where they sell a little bit of everything. It’s so pretty in there! I do wonder about the roof, though. It must be covered in clear plexiglass or something so they don’t get washed away in our summer downpours. (I’m going to have to check next time I’m there in the rain!)


Also tucked in the pathways is a fountain inspired by the Nejjarine fountain in Fes. Again, take a look at that amazing mosaic work!


I wondered around on the paths a little while longer and came to Restaurant Marrakesh. I haven’t eaten here in a really long time, and I’m going to make point to go there soon. I don’t know if I’ve bragged on Morocco enough – but the people that work in this pavilion are so nice and helpful. Sometimes when I walk up with my big camera people look at me like a creep, but everyone here was so helpful!


They even opened up the dining room and let me take a photo while the restaurant was closed! Take a look at this! Don’t you just want to hop on a plane now to come try it? I can tell you the last time I was there, the food was outstanding. Oddly, unlike other pavilion restaurants, I noticed they have their own website while I was researching. How cool is that?


After leaving the restaurant, I walked into this area and loved the view! This is what it looks like in the bazaar area of Morocco. Lots of winding paths and doors to find surprises!


Like this one! Tucked in one of the doors is the meet and greet area for Aladdin. It’s really pretty and indoors – a much better location to meet this character than the spot in Magic Kingdom. (Forgive the glass glare – I was shooting through a locked door)


One store that did stand out was Casablanca Carpets, marked with a giant wooden camel! Carpets, clothing, and fez hats all under one roof. Only in Morocco! 🙂


Here is a quick view inside the store. There’s a lot more to see, but much like the rest of Morocco, there is just too much to really show everything.


Just next door is this really beautiful open area. I think the thing I loved most about Morocco is that there was true “dead space.” Every inch isn’t crammed with things to buy or eat. There’s room to get lost and find some peace. I hope anyone that is looking for a quiet moment will seek out this land on your next trip.


Heading back out onto the main walkway by World Showcase Lagoon, you’ll come to the one part of this pavilion I already knew I loved. The Tangerine Cafe is one of the best quick service locations in all of Walt Disney World.


Here is a quick view inside the restaurant where you order. There’s also limited indoor seating available. I’ve never had anything bad from this place. I normally get the vegetable platter; the falafel is great!


Here is a look at the quiet seating area outside. I really prefer sitting out here. Isn’t it pretty? If you continued past here, you’d run into a large restroom. But that isn’t all… because now the newest construction in Epcot is just across the street.


Heading all the way back to the entrance of Morocco and looking toward the waterside you’ll now see this new building. This is the Juice Bar, which doesn’t actually seem to serve juice! It does have some interesting looking ice cream that I’m planning on trying.


Next door you’ll find a spot to get Henna tattoos and more shopping. But these shops are small, with only a tiny bit of what is offered throughout the land. Make sure you save some time to explore the other shops in addition to this little one.


Next on the tour is what all the fuss has been about lately, Spice Road Table! I know everyone has already seen this sign, but I just couldn’t help myself! Look at that crisp, blue sky!


Here’s what the patio seating area looks like. It’s beautiful… but hot! It was only 80 degrees the day I was there, and I wouldn’t have wanted to sit on the patio. I wonder how successful this will be in the blistering heat of the summer? I predict this will end up getting enclosed in the future.


Just inside the door is the unique light fixture. It’s surrounded by rich, dark wood and features the same craftsmanship you see throughout the rest of the land.


Here is a look inside the dining room. Again, everyone was so helpful and willing to let me take photos. More than in any other land, I just felt welcomed. I have been waiting to try Spice Road Table until the all the hubbub had passed, but I think I’ll be getting in there soon and spending more time in Morocco!


And with that we have seen everything in Morocco, but I wanted to leave you with one parting shot as we walk away.


I hope that you’re more excited about Morocco after reading this. I know I am! The people were amazing, and I learned a lot about this exotic part of Epcot. Do you have any extra information that you’d like to add? Please let me know in the comments below – I always love to hear from you! Thank you very much for reading and please join me next time for a fabulous tour of France!

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7 thoughts on “A Trip Around The World: Morocco

  • I found the article by accident, it’s nice and interesting to read the adventures of others in Morocco. There is nothing better when, like me, you are planning a trip. Congratulations on the article, I take this opportunity to ask you something. At Christmas and New Year I will travel with my family, my wife and our two children aged 9 and 10 in Morocco. We are customizing our trip with excursions and we wanted to know if you would recommend this excursion or if you have others to recommend.
    Do you also have places to recommend for eating well?
    thank you

  • The best way to enjoy Morocco is to travel there. The country is amazing! No one can copy the different and varied landscapes from snow capped mountains, contrasting date palm oasis, apricot colored sand dunes, tall gorges and much more.

  • More awesome details from World Showcase!
    Morocco is one of my favorite pavilions to wander through. I always end up taking a few pictures in there.
    My friends and I ate at Restaurant Marrakesh when we were at Epcot in October and I have boosted it into my top 3 table service spots in the Florida parks. Delicious!

  • Great tour! We always enjoy visiting Morocco. Your comments on the architecture pointed out some things I didn’t know, and I’ll look for next time.

    We love Tangierine Cafe–it’s our favorite CS restaurant in WDW. We get the Shwarma Platter–lots of fresh, good tastes.

    We want to like Marrakesh–the restaurant itself is beautiful, and the staff is so accomodating. But when we ate there in October, we just didn’t find much on the menu that appealed to us. An overhaul is in order, IMHO.

    We wanted to try the new Spice Road Table last month, but we were there on 2 very cool days and the seating was in the shade. That will be much more comfortable during warm weather, and we’ll try it next time.

  • Morocco is a gorgeous pavilion. I have only eaten there during the food and wine festival at their booth, but I have always been pleasantly surprised. I think with Spice Road it is time for me to truly try a sit down meal in Morocco. As for the “outdoor market,” there is indeed a glass roof. I love the effect that it creates though, truly unique. There are so many more treasures in the pavilion too. Like George Washington’s letter inside Restaurant Marrakesh, to the way it has a fauz cityscape to create an illusion of the city continuing on. It truly is the most gorgeous pavilion!

  • Great Post – all of these have been so far and made me realize my next trip I need to spend a lot more time in the world showcase exploring each country.

  • Great post – I have really enjoyed this series. It looks like Spice Road might be a good location to view Illuminations from. Any thoughts on this?


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