UGears: Unique Souvenirs for Skilled Builders

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Every so often, a product comes out that is too cool for words, and these UGears kits make that list.

These wooden kits are perfect for a fan of steampunk, engineering know-how, or someone who thinks LEGO kits are too simple. With sets containing hundreds of pieces to put together into iconic Disney transportation methods, this is certainly something to keep you busy once you get back home from vacation.

Even more exciting, the completed units actually move (hence the gears in UGears).

Prices vary based on number of pieces and complexity, from $50 up to $100.

Kits include Cinderella’s Coach, the Main Street Trolley, the Disney Parks Train, and the mother of all kits, the Walt Disney World Monorail.

What do you think of these kits? Too cool or too complex for your tastes? Let us know in the comments.




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One thought on “UGears: Unique Souvenirs for Skilled Builders

  • July 9, 2019 at 1:56 am

    I love these kits, bought one last Christmas here in the UK – non disney – a train that goes on a track. The only problem is much as I would love to buy one, they are very heavy and I can’t really justify that much weight in my case.


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