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Universal Food Finds: The Dagwood at Blondie’s

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In the many years I’ve been visiting the Universal Orlando Resort, I’ve had friends who have tried to convince me to try certain “favorite food spots” that haven’t necessarily fit my tastes. I’m admittedly a creature of habit when it comes to Universal (Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Margaritaville, Mythos, and Three Broomsticks populate my list of standard go-tos), but I do venture to try new options every once in a while.

My most recent visit to Islands of Adventure gave me the opportunity to branch out and try one of those specific items that many I know have raved about in the past. Found at Blondie’s in Toon Lagoon is the Dagwood sandwich (see menu), based on the sandwich of the same name from the classic Blondie comic strip.


While the comic lists some more unique ingredients such as sausage, pineapple and sardines, Universal has refined the offering to be a little more approachable for the less-adventurous eater. This pre-made sandwich sports baked ham, turkey, and roast beef with American and Swiss cheeses along with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and mustard, all between three thick slices of onion and poppy seed bread.

As a pre-made sandwich, the portion sizes seem to be cut thin, but what this sandwich lacks in width it gains in its height. For those not favoring mayonnaise or mustard, you should be warned that the sandwiches are not served without it, but I simply could not taste either on the Dagwood, meaning their influence is minimal in taste. The top half of the sandwich features some lettuce and tomatoes, both of which surprised me in how fresh they tasted. Beneath the veggies sit the Swiss cheese, turkey, and a very thin layer of mayonnaise (again, undetectable to the palate—this coming from an eater that personally detests the condiment) and more bread. Further below is the ham, the American cheese, roast beef, and an equally thin layer of mustard. The sandwich is served with a sliced pickle and speared with a black olive on top. All of the cold cut meats tasted of a quality cut, better than I would have expected from a quick service dining location, but certainly a pleasant surprise.

Overall, the Dagwood was a surprise hit with me, even though it had some elements that I would not typically approve of in a sandwich. Priced at $8.99, the meal was surprisingly filling despite the slim cut of the Dagwood as it appeared when it was first pulled from the cooler. I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way for this sandwich, but it is certainly an option for someone roaming through the park and hungering for less typical fair than the standard hamburgers and chicken fingers.

Blondie’s also offers guests the chance to have sandwiches created with three unique, freshly baked breads, a choice of ham, roast beef, turkey, or tuna, and more of those fresh veggies I raved about above. Blondie’s also is home to a selection of topped Nathan’s hot dogs to fit the tastes of the more adventurous.

Be sure to stop in at Blondie’s when visiting Toon Lagoon—there are plenty of menu items to fit the personal palate, but there’s definitely one sandwich that covers all bases if you’re into that kind of thing!

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5 thoughts on “Universal Food Finds: The Dagwood at Blondie’s

  • This is a case where you and I disagree, Adam. 🙂 I think the Nathan’s Chicago Dog is the better choice. $9 for a sub is almost two Subway “footlong” sandwiches!

    • Carly

      Eight dollars for a “Chicago” hot dog, though?! I live in Chicago. Eight dollars can get you the foie gras or 4 regular dogs at Hot Doug’s. I guess it’s all relative.

      • Adam Roth

        While not the best deal when you compare it to buying a hot dog in a big city (New York and Chicago are great examples), the pricing is not uncommon for a hot dog like this in the parks. They continue to charge those prices because people are willing to pay them, whether or not they realize that they could get much more for their dollar outside of the parks.

  • Karen

    Thanks for the Universal post! We don’t do a lot of counter service as my husband is vegetarian. Have you tried Finnegans?

    • Adam Roth

      The last time I visited Finnegan’s was on St. Patty’s Day, but it is one of the restaurants I do enjoy at the Universal Orlando Resort. The irish haystack is one of my favorite appetizers on property and it is totally appropriate to order a “green beer” there–which can be made from any of their on tap beers being served.


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